Warning: Spoilers for Venom follow. Stop reading now, and go see the movie. Really, we mean it. Unless you don't care. But really, come back after you see the movie. It will be better.

With an $80 million debut weekend in the rearview mirror, it might only be a matter of time before we start hearing rumblings of a Venom 2. The superhero movie may not have won over many critics, but it played big where it counted -- at least from a studio perspective. While we have to reserve ultimate judgment until the film has been in theaters for a few weeks, a sequel is now more of a possibility, and there are definitely things that can be done to improve upon Ruben Fleischer's Venom.

Venom is not an outright bad movie, but it's more generic than anything that has come before it in the Spider-Man universe. It can't even really be considered dumb fun because that fun is supplied sporadically. However, there are bright spots, so it's not like there isn't a foundation to build a better sequel. If a sequel is on the way, then Sony will want to focus on these points if it wants to create a movie that both the audience and critics can agree on.

Elaborate The Eddie And Venom Relationship

One of the best parts of Venom is the weird relationship shared between the symbiote and Eddie Brock. The movie picks up considerably once these two start bouncing off of each other, and their toxic bromance has some unique energy to it. The problem is that this movie doesn't try to build that relationship at all. The two of them just kind of hate each other... until they don't. For example, Venom's whole deal is that he wants to take over the planet (or something) but has a change of heart because of Eddie. Uh, why? Eddie never once tries to convince Venom not to destroy Earth. Venom just kind of changes his minds because there are 15 minutes left in the movie and things gotta get rolling. He talks about how like Eddie, Venom was a "loser" on his home planet. Sure, why not? Venom 2 needs to dig into this relationship more and decide whether it's a good or bad thing to have an alien parasite live inside of you.

A Stronger Supporting Cast

Tom Hardy throws everything he's got into this movie and he supplies some truly memorable moments with his sweaty wackiness. The rest of the cast? Not so much. This is mostly because they've got nothing to work with, and even high-caliber actors like Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed are struggling to look awake in this thing. Movies are at their best when everything is firing on all cylinders, so having a boring villain (Carlton Drake and Riot are SO boring) or a one-dimensional love interest just slows everything down. Let Venom be the star of the show, but it doesn't hurt to surround him with some other personalities to keep things lively.

Also, get better wigs. The wigs are terrible in this movie. And we are especially talking about that one in the mid-credits sequence. Fix THAT before Venom 2.

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