Does Aquaman Feature A Lot Of Improv? Here's What Jason Momoa Says

Jason Momoa In Aquaman trailer 2018

Superhero films aren't generally the types of projects most of us think about in relation to improv. In fact, it's often comedy flicks that are later released with gag reels and outtakes that are thought of in relation to improvisational moments. Yet, Aquaman apparently had quite a bit of improvisation, at least according to lead actor Jason Momoa.

We did a lot of improv. There were just moments where [director] James [Wan] was like, 'Alright we got it.' He let me be free and then play around and just do little things that felt right. So yeah there's definitely a lot, there's more of me in this character than anything I've ever played.

So yes, Jason Momoa was able to try things out and play around on the set of the movie, which reportedly cost $200 million to make. That's plenty of takes to find a cut that works, although I'm guess most of that budget went into CGI and making the movie look pretty spectacular.

Still, what's most intriguing to me about Jason Momoa's comment to Fox News is that he really seems to feel he was able to put more of himself into Arthur Curry than other characters he has portrayed on the big and small screen.

Of course, when you are known for playing a heathenish Khal, an axe-throwing fur trader and an alien from the Pegasus Galaxy, I suppose it's easy for a superhero who's also a normal dude to stand out as the role that's most like you. Superheroes, they're just like us.

Aquaman won't be the first movie superhero movie with improvisation, of course. We've heard that one of Avengers: Infinity War's biggest moments, the moment where Tom Holland felt himself fading into dust, was largely improvised. Robert Downey Jr. is also fairly notable for his improvisation on superhero movies.

Previously, Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok was also noted for its use of improvisation, especially in regards to the movie's humor and tone. Waititi has previously said 80% of that movie was improvised; I'm guessing Aquaman's number would be a little lower.

Venom also had a notably improvised moment in which Tom Hardy jumped into a lobster tank. So improvisation in superhero flicks happens, it's just not the rule.

A lot of DC movies have had a fairly dark tone, so it's really just nice to hear that the Aquaman cast had fun with the movie on set. Reviews for the flick have already started coming out, and for the most part people seem to think the movie goes for a lot, even if it doesn't hit every note perfectly. Hopefully it hits the improv notes well.

We'll be able to find out soon enough. Aquaman will finally be hitting theaters on December 18, 2018. To check out its holiday competition, take a look at our full premiere schedule.

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