First Look At Kristen Stewart And The New Charlie's Angels Cast On Set

From Farrah Fawcett to Cheryl Ladd to the trio of Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz, a host of famous actresses have played Charlie’s Angels over the years and later in 2019, three new names join their ranks. Naomi Scott, Kristen Stewart and Ella Balinska star as the titular Angels in Elizabeth BanksCharlie’s Angels reboot and we now have our first look at the new Angels cast on set. Check it out:

Naomi Scott, Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinska and Elizabeth Banks

The more I see images like this the more I’m convinced that spy movies are really the best possible type of movie to work on because of all the beautiful, historic and exotic places around the world you get to film in. Here we see the three new Angels, Naomi Scott’s Elena Houghlin, Kristen Stewart’s Sabina Wilson and Ella Balinska’s Jane Kano, alongside director Elizabeth Banks, who also plays Bosley in the film.

These three are dressed to impress and are standing outside the Hagia Sophia Museum in Istanbul. The architectural marvel is exactly the kind of locale you would expect to see in a movie like this and whether they actually filmed inside it or not, it definitely evokes some Dan Brown-esque intrigue.

The next image shows Kristen Stewart’s Sabina dressing up and doing some classic Charlie’s Angels infiltration work. Take a look:

Kristen Stewart's Sabina in full jockey attire

In Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, we saw the Angels in a motocross race. In the new reboot, Kristen Stewart’s character will be entering the sport of kings. The Angels’ skills are many and although the other jockeys look suspicious of her, she probably has a mission far more important than winning a race.

This next image shows future Jasmine, Naomi Scott’s character disguised as a photojournalist.

Naomi Scott in Charlie's Angels

Given the fancy hat, Elena may also be at the racetrack to investigate something or witness something that is expected to happen there. Whatever it is, it may not go down as planned based on this next photo.

Charlie's Angels spying on someone

Here the Angels are all together and spying on someone or something. Given Kristen Stewart’s gloves in this image and Naomi Scott’s green outfit, I would guess this may follow the jockey scene in the film. If that’s the case, something is clearly going down.

Fortunately, whatever happens, the Angels should be well equipped to deal with it.

Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Banks in Charlie's Angels

This is a cool image that shows Elizabeth Banks and Kristen Stewart on some sort of Charlie’s Angels headquarters set. Like all good spys and superheroes, the characters in Charlie’s Angels have a bunch of great tech and gadgets at their disposal. A drone, knives, watches, jewelry, nail polish and are those Altoids tins? If so I’m guessing they do a lot more than just freshen breath.

In addition to the actresses playing the three Angels, Charlie’s Angels also boasts a cast that includes Djimon Hounsou, Sam Clafin, Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Tucker and Noah Centineo, the latter of whom can be seen in a new photo below.

Noah Centineo and Ella Balinska in Charlie's Angels

Noah Centineo broke out on Netflix’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and is in talks to play He-Man in Masters of the Universe. His Langston is expected to be one of the Angels’ love interests in Charlie’s Angels and based on this image, that Angel may be Ella Balinska’s Jane.

Although we’ve heard that this reboot will be more grounded than the previous films, these images give off a brightly-colored vibe that indicates that Elizabeth Banks’ Charlie’s Angels will still be a fun, comedic spy movie versus something darker and more serious. Now that we’ve finally seen some images from the set of the film, hopefully a look at these new Angels in action as part of a trailer isn’t too far behind.

Charlie’s Angels will see the Townsend Agency as an international organization, with Angels and Bosleys all around the world. When a whistleblower reveals dangerous technology, the Angels are called in to deal with it.

Charlie’s Angels hits theaters on November 15. You can see everything headed your way this year in our 2019 Release Schedule.

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