Someone better tell Henry Cavill he has some Instagram muscle shot competition out there from a fellow DC Comics superhero. Shazam! is still picking up money at the box office, even in a post-Endgame world, and Zachary Levi is doing his part to keep the attention on DC (or at least himself) as Marvel takes over the globe.

Zachary Levi recently posted a pretty shameless plug for his Flow Supplements brand -- and I say shameless because he knew he was getting his Shazam! fans in a tizzy with his shirtless workout video. He added a note at the end of his caption acknowledging "Also, fine, maybe the video is a little 'thirst-trappy', so sue me." Judge for yourself:

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I started @flowsupps ( because I quite literally couldn’t find a quality enough product for my workout needs. Our pre-workout and protein with amino acids aren’t necessarily anything new. We haven’t invented new ingredients, or made some scientific breakthrough that gives us some formulaic edge. We’ve merely decided to never, EVER compromise on the quality of our products, and always offer you the very best ingredients available at any given time for the fairest possible price. That’s it. ???? We don’t use filler or “fairy dust” like most other companies do in order to essentially trick you and make more money on their bottom line. Our blends are fully dosed, fully transparent, and ENTIRELY what you believe you’re paying for, which is just an excellent product made by a company that values YOU more than your money. ???? . Our products also aren’t some magic bullet. Drinking our pre-workout or protein doesn’t somehow magically transform your body. That’s your job. You have the power to get up, and give it your all in your journey to becoming a healthier, happier, stronger you. We just wanna be able to assist you in that journey. We wanna be the Burgess Meredith, in your corner, cheering you on all the way. ???? . I posted the video above not to make you think that @flowsupps will somehow give you results simply by taking them. It’s to show you that when you put the work in and give yourself the supplements needed to achieve your goals, you can and will see results. That I promise you. Be patient. It doesn’t happen overnight. But we’ll always be here to remind you that you are worthy of living your best life, and that we all deserve the best this world has to offer. . (If you don’t understand that Burgess Meredith reference, that’s too bad. Also, fine, maybe the video is a little “thirst-trappy”, so sue me. ????????)

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Chuck alum Zachary Levi had plenty of fans before Shazam! but he is an outright superstar now, and the fan comments on his post are hilarious. One fan wrote "NSFW, dude! A little warning would be nice next time."

Normally I say leave the intense workout videos to The Rock and Chris Hemsworth, but Zachary Levi was basically posting an ad for his supplements, and that directly relates to working out. So he has an excuse.

As you might imagine, Zachary Levi had to spend a lot of time at the gym to train for Shazam! with that costume showing off the usual amounts of superhero bod. At least he got to eat a lot, though, to build muscle mass -- saying he was at the gym 5-6 days a week and ate 3,500-3,700 calories a day. But they had to be "clean calories," not leftover Easter candy or ice cream.

Zachary Levi likes to keep in touch with Shazam! fans by posting messages and answering questions. Several months ago, he answered a fan's question on eating broccoli for breakfast while making Shazam! He said he basically ate the same macros all day long -- a combination of meat and veggies five times a day. Apparently he used to eat a lot of eggs but gave them up due to an intolerance of some kind.

He may have to return to that diet and exercise routine fairly soon. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will be joining the Shazam! world as Black Adam and he said he thought they'd start filming the Black Adam movie in about a year. Due to the ages of the younger Shazam! stars, the producers said they might move into sequel production sooner rather than later so the "kids" don't start looking older than Zachary Levi.

It is Superhero Season at the box office, with the MCU's Captain Marvel and DC's Shazam! followed now by Marvel's Avengers: Endgame. Those costumes show every flaw, so stars work hard to make it look like their human physiques are as superheroic as the characters they play (even though many of the stars are now above 50). After working so hard, I can't really blame them too much for wanting to show off the results on Instagram. If I had a personal trainer getting me in shape, or if I bothered getting myself in shape, I might show it off too.

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