Vikings' Travis Fimmel Has A Bunch Of New Movie Projects In The Work

Travis Fimmel in Vikings Season 6?

Although some Vikings fans have been pretty excited about the possibility of Travis Fimmel making some sort of return to the series as it wraps its run, most likely in a dream sequence or flashback, the actor has already moved on from History’s popular series. In fact, we’ve seen him in some other projects in recent months, and Fimmel also has a slew of upcoming movie projects coming down the pipeline.

Recently, while journalists were attending the Toronto International Film Festival, news broke that Travis Fimmel had joined the romantic flick Die in A Gunfight, which sounds more like a Western than a romance, but which is expected to be a movie about Diego Boneta and Alexandra Daddario playing characters who come from feuding families but who fall in love.

So, where does Travis Fimmel fit in? The actor will allegedly play a Texas hitman in the movie, so there will be an action component, although the film’s New York City setting means it won’t be a traditional Western. As for Fimmel playing a Texan, the man is Australian by birth, so it will be interesting to see him dip into this American accent.

Regardless, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to upcoming roles for the actor. In fact, he has a slew of non-Vikings roles in the works.

What Movies Will Travis Fimmel Star In Moving Forward?

Travis Fimmel left Vikings back in 2017, and in the time since, he’s nabbed some pretty exciting film roles. Next up, he has a slew of movies in the works that will have him appearing in a variety of genres.

I’m probably most excited for El Tonto, a new comedy which will mark veteran actor and comedian Charlie’s Day’s directorial debut. He’s pulled together a pretty great cast for the new movie, about a character named The Fool, a mute played by Day who experiences the ups and downs of a Hollywood career.

Also starring are Jason Sudeikis, Kate Beckinsale, Ray Liotta, Ken Jeong, Adrien Brody, Edie Falco, Common, Jillian Bell, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Dean Norris, and Westworld’s Jimmi Simpson.

After El Tonto, Travis Fimmel is also attached to Zone 414, a sci-fi movie that is currently in pre-production. Along with Uma Thurman, he is also attached to Tau Ceti Four, the new film from John McTiernan, who hasn’t made a movie since 2003’s Basic.

This may somewhat have to do with a long-winded story that involved John McTiernan going to jail, but that’s a horse of a different color.

Is Travis Fimmel Doing Anything On TV?

The answer to this is also yes; I told you he was busy! The actor has signed on for the TNT series Raised By Wolves, which is coming from Ridley Scott and Aaron Gizokowski and which is set to follow androids raising human children in a sci-fi premise. The gig will mark the first time Fimmel has appeared on television since his run on Vikings ended back in 2017. The actor had played Ragnar Lothbrok in the series through the first four seasons of the historical drama.

At one point, he was also attached to an A&E Wyatt Earp series, but given it’s been years since that announcement, I’d start getting more excited for Raised By Wolves.

All in all, Travis Fimmel may not longer be repping the Ragnar Lothbrok look; however, if you are a big fan of the actor, clearly you will have plenty of chances to catch him on both the big and small screen in the future. If you want to catch him in something that's already out, this year, the actor also produced Finding Steve McQueen, Dreamland and more.

In the meantime, Vikings doesn’t have an official return date, but is expected to air new episodes on History before the end of the year.

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