How Danica McKellar Feels About Knives Out Adding Her To The Movie (Twice)

Danica McKellar in Matchmaker Mysteries: A Killer Engagement
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Very mild spoilers ahead for Knives Out.

It was a surprise to Danica McKellar to hear her name invoked twice as part of the plot of Knives Out. Rian Johnson's new movie just opened before Thanksgiving and it turns out The Wonder Years alum is referenced a couple of times -- for her Hallmark movies.

Yes, after achieving fame in the early '90s as Winnie Cooper, Danica McKellar is currently known for her many Hallmark Channel movies. That became a joke in the movie when two characters talked about "this Hallmark movie, called Deadly by Surprise, with Danica McKellar..." Danica McKellar and the (fake) Hallmark movie were referenced again near the end of the movie.

Danica McKellar has never been in a movie called Deadly by Surprise, but she just recently played a crime-solving matchmaker in Matchmaker Mysteries: A Killer Engagement. Before that, she had a string of Hallmark movies called Love and Sunshine, Christmas at Grand Valley, Love in Design, Coming Home for Christmas, Campfire Kiss, My Christmas Dream, and more.

Danica McKellar was tipped off about her inclusion in Knives Out and told IBT it was "awesome" and flattering and she had to go check it out. Once she did she the movie, she went on social media to praise Knives Out and talk about the surreal experience of being referenced as part of the plot:

What is life?? You guys, my name - and Hallmark - are talked about in this movie! First of all, @knivesout is the most fun I've had in a movie theater in a LONG time - the movie comes out today so GO SEE IT! It's a smart, fast-paced, funny mystery that keeps you guessing till the end. And... as a crazy little bonus, yours truly is mentioned not once, but twice... and as part of the plot! I believe the first reference is something like, 'Well I saw Danica McKellar in this Hallmark movie and...' And then she proceeds to describe a crazy plot about a woman trying to poison her husband? I think? ???? After I heard my name, I was so tickled, it was like a light grenade went off for a second so I'm not 100% sure, ha! Huge thank-you to the writer/director @riancjohnson for not only making a truly awesome whodunnit, but for including me in its lore. Everybody go see it!!

Rian Johnson wrote and directed Knives Out, so he was the one who added Danica McKellar to the movie -- twice. He replied to and shared her excited post:

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Knives Out has more fans than just Winnie Cooper (OK, Danica McKellar). It's getting rave reviews from fans and critics. And it's expecting to make a lot more money in this opening weekend than originally thought.

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