Emilia Clarke Wants To Join The Avengers For A Wonderfully 'Stupid' Reason

Emilia Clarke Daenerys Targaryen smiles to Sansa Game of Thrones Season 8 HBO

Emilia Clarke is one of the most delightful humans on our sad little planet and she'd make a lovely Avenger. I think her Marvel superpower would just be laughing away any cares. Thanos would have no defense. The Game of Thrones star hasn't had the best luck on the big screen herself, but several of her GoT co-stars have stepped into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both Kit Harington and Richard Madden are starring in The Eternals later this year, and Clarke seems open to joining the MCU herself.

The Sunday Times talked to Emilia Clarke about joining another franchise like the MCU after Game of Thrones -- and after Star Wars and Terminator, for that matter. Her response (via Yahoo Movies UK) was just vintage Emilia Clarke:

I think, if I did, it would be me having a giggle. I want to do something absolutely stupid and silly, like, you know, The Avengers or whatever. Something where I got to have a giggle with mates.

Martin Scorsese just perked up at her calling The Avengers absolutely stupid and silly, but I know her perspective is just fun and light-hearted -- she wants to have a laugh with her mates. A giggle! She would never confuse the MCU with heading off to a real war. The MCU is absolutely stupid and silly but also wonderful and desperately in need of Emilia Clarke as the next Avenger (or villain against the Avengers).

The MCU almost had Emilia Clarke too, back in Iron Man 3 in 2013. Six years after that, the MCU gave us the fourth Avengers movie with Avengers: Endgame. But here we are in 2020 and the future of the Avengers has yet to be determined. Black Widow is next -- opening May 1 or later if Disney/Marvel decides to move it -- plus Emilia Clarke's Game of Thrones buddies in The Eternals in November. Maybe there's still time to add her to Thor: Love and Thunder or Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

There are also plenty of MCU/Avengers opportunities on the small screen now that Disney+ is here. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is set to premiere this summer, followed by WandaVision -- which I can't wait to see -- in December 2020. I'm not saying Emilia Clarke needs to be added to the list of potential She-Hulk stars, but there are plenty of places where she could join or fight The Avengers.

What do you think? Should the MCU cast Emilia Clarke so she can have a stupid good time with mates -- and also so we can have her talent and cheeky MCU-ready sense of humor? If no, who hurt you? Or is it no because she should join her Game of Thrones sun-and-stars Jason Momoa over in DC for Aquaman 2?

Gina Carbone

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