CamSoda Offers To Let San Diego Comic-Con Stream On Its Platform

Much to the disappointment of movie, TV and comic book fans around the world, San Diego Comic-Con was forced to announce its cancellation earlier this month. Between concerns over everyone’s safety and various measures California has put in place to flatten the curve, there was just no way the annual convention could be held. One popular adult webcam platform, however, has stepped forward with an unconventional solution.

This week, CamSoda penned an open letter to festival organizers, offering to use its platform to stream the convention. The two organizations might seem like unlikely bedfellows, but there are few businesses that have spent more money, time and effort on livestreaming than the cam industry. Viewed from that angle, it’s not quite as wild as it seems. You can check out a portion of the open letter below…

We have been closely following the discussion about whether or not to postpone this year’s Comic-Con, and knowing the decision to cancel this year’s event was a difficult one, we wanted to offer an alternative that will guarantee satisfaction for all those involved.At CamSoda, we’re dedicated to helping those who have been affected by the pandemic in every way possible, and we hate to see this iconic, annual pop culture celebration get cancelled. As a result, we’d like to formally offer Comic-Con the opportunity to stream its event on our site.We have a robust infrastructure already in place for large scale content streaming and would love to help keep this event on track with its initially planned programming and timing.

In addition to the live streaming component, there’s one other aspect to this offer that makes it seem a little less random. Late last month, CamSoda offered to let musicians, comedians and other entertainers have free usage of its streaming technology until regular performance venues open back up. The gesture was widely praised and now seems like a sensible precursor to this Comic-Con offer that’s a whole lot larger in scope.

CamSoda has a long history of generating flashy headlines, going all the way back to offering users the option to register their penises. To be honest, I find it a little unlikely San Diego Comic-Con will take the popular entertainment platform up on its offer, given both a potential apprehension at partnering with an NSFW company and the issues with getting talent assembled in one place due to health concerns. That being said, I’m all for this happening because I miss Comic-Con. I’ve attended every year for almost the past decade, and it feels like there’s now a giant Hall H sized hole in my heart. So, I’m gonna go ahead and drop in the last paragraph of the open letter with contact information into this story just in case Comic-Con organizers decide to get wild.

We look forward to discussing all of the endless possibilities and hope you will join us in providing top quality content on CamSoda for those at home and in need of amusement.If you’re interested reach out to

We’ll keep you updated if anything emerges from this indecent proposal. Until then, just remember CinemaBlend is not judging you or how you’re choosing to spend your time right now even if your searches are getting weird. Get your human interactions however you can, even if it’s over a video feed.

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