Daisy Ridley: 6 Marvel Characters The Star Wars Star Would Be Perfect To Play

Daisy Ridley in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Since riding the wave of joining the Star Wars franchise as Rey, its Jakku scavenger turned Jedi central hero, Daisy Ridley seems ready to take Hollywood by storm and expand her horizons with an entirely different slew of projects. Of course, since she already has a relationship with Disney, why not take advantage of that by snatching one of the many uncast Marvel characters?

We have already proven that the 28-year-old British actress is capable of seamlessly incorporating herself into the cast of several different high-profile franchises. Yet, even including Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them or the Mission: Impossible series, the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems like the next natural step.

Not to mention, it would not be the first time she has been considered to play a costumed vigilante, prompting comic fans to theorize the one Marvel character whom Daisy Ridley would be perfect to bring to life. Well, I, on the other hands, have six suggestions… including the most popular choice, admittedly.

Black Cat on the Spider-Man PlayStation video game

Black Cat

When photos of Tom Holland standing beside a blonde Daisy Ridley in promotion of their upcoming post-apocalyptic, young adult adventure Chaos Walking were released, am I the only one thought, Hey, she looks like a perfect Felicia Hardy!? Yes, I am only one who thought that? Well, to each their own.

Even though she would have to upgrade those faux golden locks to platinum, I would say that Daisy Ridley has a great shot at nailing Felicia Hardy’s criminal turned crimefighter alter ego who is essentially Marvel’s answer to Catwoman and a frequent collaborator, and romantic temptress, of Spider-Man. Now, perhaps my hang-up on Black Cat could have something to do with the fact that she is seen alongside the MCU’s own Spider-Man in those aforementioned promotional photos, but, even so, Daisy Ridley clearly has the range to pull off the Queens native’s spunky, rebellious, “Let’s use up these nine lives” kind of attitude.

The title character of Marvel's Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl

Of course, maybe a cat is not particularly reflective of Daisy Ridley's acting style, but how about a squirrel? To the layman, this may sound like a mockery of the actress' talents, but to those who claim to be experts on the Marvel Universe's comic book canon, it is quite the opposite.

Squirrel Girl, born Doreen Gray, is a mutate capable of (as you could more than likely infer) a myriad of abilities reminiscent of the furry woodland creature of her namesake, such as climbing, night vision, retractable carving claws, telepathic link with other squirrels, and a big, bushy tale. However, she also possesses a slew of other powers (super strength, speed, regenerative healing, etc.) that have kept her victory at an unparalleled, all-time high, having defeated the likes of Thanos, Doctor Doom, and Ego the Living Planet. Squirrel Girl may seem silly, but she is more of a badass than most Marvel characters and, if offered the role, Daisy Ridley would be sorely mistaken to turn it down.

Psylocke on Wolverine and the X-Men


On the contrary, I can understand how giving Daisy Ridley a bushy fur tail after watching her save the Galaxy from consumption by the Dark Side might be a little jarring to some. Yet, I cannot foresee how it would jar anyone to see her fill the shoes of the lesser-known frequent X-Men collaborator Psylocke.

The British mutant, born Elizabeth Braddock, is an extremely powerful telekinetic and telepath with impeccable skills in combat... enhanced tremendously by her telekinesis and telepathy, in addition to having control over reality, if she wanted to. Psylocke has already been portrayed twice before in cinema, most recently by Olivia Munn in X-Men: Apocalypse, but therein lies no issue because the character is the current holder of the Captain Britain alias. With female successors of pre-existing superhero identities getting the spotlight quite often these days, it seems like a perfect way to bring the British Daisy Ridley into the mix.

A scene from a Deadpool comic featuring Lady Deadpool

Lady Deadpool

Do you know what I like to see in the MCU? Characters who originate from other realms within the comic book multiverse crossing over from their own reality and into the movie franchises' current timeline, without later revealing it to be a lie. That could actually be a pretty clever (and fittingly meta) way to officially transition Deadpool into the Universe, or even a character like him that might be perfect for Daisy Ridley to portray.

Wanda Wilson is a Canadian mercenary who, after undergoing an experimental procedure tha... OK, look, I don't want to waste your time explaining the ins and outs of a character whom you already can easily, and correctly, assume is the female equivalent of Deadpool, having originated in the alternate reality referred to as Earth-3010 (the base timeline in which traditional Marvel characters exist is called Earth-616, if you did not know). Honestly, like my earlier Squirrel Girl recommendation, I just believe Lady Deadpool would be a wonderful opportunity to show off Daisy Ridley's yet to be uncovered comedic abilities, while continuing to kick ass onscreen in the process.

Spider-Woman in The Amazing Spider-Man series


At this point, I can understand how it may seem like I am just putting Daisy Ridley into the shoes of more female characters inspired by pre-existing male superheroes, especially after that following that Captain Britain comment up with a who section on Lady Deadpool. However, I have two counters to that. 1) Spider-Woman is not merely the "female equivalent" of Spider-Man and; 2) tell that to the many Marvel fans who have suggested the actress' casting as the heroine.

Jessica Drew was a government secret agent who became the costumed hero better known as Spider-Woman after an experiment imbued her with many abilities similar to that of an arachnid. Despite her lack of webslinging abilities like Peter Parker, unlike Pete, she possesses self-propelled glide, can attack enemies with venomous blasts and a secretion fear inducing pheromones. With a complex backstory and a slew of intriguing powers, this just may be the superhero role that Daisy Ridley was born to play.

So, what do you think? Are any of these superhero characters Daisy Ridley's ticket into the MCU, or do you think she has saved enough people? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back for more info on the Star Wars actress and other hypothetical casting recommendations here on CinemaBlend.

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