How Scarlett Johansson Actually Kicked Off Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman's Famous 'Feud'

How Scarlett Johansson is tied in to Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds' feud

The longtime “feud” between famous actors Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman may be paused for now, but that didn’t stop some intriguing history regarding the feud from coming out recently. Namely, did you know that Marvel actress Scarlett Johansson was actually the person who kicked off said feud?

How Scarlett Johansson Kicked Off The Feud Between Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman

While Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson all have played superheroes on the big screen, at first glance, it’s not easy to see what all three have in common. In fact, though, prior to Ryan Reynold’s famous marriage to Blake Lively and Scarlett Johansson’s current relationship with fiancé Colin Jost, the two were actually married. Meanwhile, the two male actors worked together.

Back in the day, Hugh Jackman played Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool for Marvel well before the 2016 movie made the R-rated character famous. At the time, Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson were still married and Jackman and Johansson were already friends, so The Greatest Showman actor felt a little protective toward her.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Jackman actually revealed it was that timeline and those circumstances that kickstarted the “feud.” He said:

I met him back on Wolverine, and I used to ream [tease] him because I was very close friends with Scarlett [Johansson], and Scarlett had just married Ryan, so when he came on set I was like, 'Hey, you better be on your best behavior here, pal, because I'm watching.’ And we started ribbing each other that way, and then it all escalated with the Deadpool thing and him calling me out, and trying to manipulate me through social media to do what he wanted.

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds would file for divorce in 2010 and officially split in 2011, but the relationship between Reynolds and Jackman would live on.

What We Know About The Lingering “Feud” Thanks To Deadpool, Coffee And Gin

It would take a gigantic feature to explain every single time that Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have taken shots at one another. The cliff notes version is that it started, as mentioned prior in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. However, things were amped up a notch when Deadpool came out in 2016 and unabashedly took shots at Wolverine. Over and over.

The two men have also used the “feud” to not promote their two companies. Ryan Reynolds owns a gin company called Aviation. Hugh Jackman makes coffee with his Laughing Man brand. Both do a great job with awareness, and the “feud” really has only helped. Although, I would like to point out Reynolds is pretty good at promoting Aviation outside of the bits he and Jackman do.

The two have even taken jabs at one another for charity before. Really, it’s all in good fun.

Why The Feud Is Temporarily Over

A few days ago, the two set what Hugh Jackman is calling “a temporary cease-fire” so that he and Ryan Reynolds can both compete in the All In Challenge, a celebrity challenged the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Gwyneth Paltrow have also gotten involved in.

Hugh Jackman nominated his pal Ryan Reynolds, along with Mariska Hargitay (of Law & Order SVU fame) and writer Peter Hermann. There may be a cease fire for now, but I’m guessing it won’t last for long.

Meanwhile, I’m interested to know whether or not Scarlett Johansson had any idea she was somehow embroiled in all of this? There are certainly worst feuds to be the catalyst of.

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