Why Henry Cavill Won’t Troll Fans About His Superman Future Despite Being ‘Tempted’

Superman in Justice League

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The DC Extended Universe has seemingly hit its stride in the past few years, with a slew of critically acclaimed blockbusters arriving in theaters. But the franchise had relatively humble roots, starting with Zack Snyder's Man of Steel. That 2013 blockbuster featured the debut of Henry Cavill's Superman, who would go on to appear in Batman v Superman and Justice League. Cavill's future as the character is currently unclear, but the Mission: Impossible - Fallout actor recently revealed he won't be trolling the fandom about his possible return, despite being tempted to do so.

Superhero franchises are often the subject of rumors and theories, especially the ever-changing DCEU. Following the disappointing performance of Justice League, it was rumored that Henry Cavill might be departing his superhero role just as Ben Affleck did with Batman. Cavill had previously posted cryptic responses to these rumors, but it look like that won't continue happening. As he put it,

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been very tempted, but there’s something about that that feels deeply immoral. When it’s about Superman and if I’m representing Superman, it just feels like the wrong thing to do. I’m just going to let this all play out. Me saying something isn’t going to make a difference, and what does it really matter? One day, people will know the truth, and if they don’t know it now, it’s okay.

Well, that's a relief. It looks like Henry Cavill is taking a note from Superman himself, and will therefore not be trolling the public about whether or not he eventually returns to the DC Extended Universe. Sounds like truth and justice to me.

Henry Cavill's comments to Variety is sure to be a relief for the rabid DC fanbase who is eager for any indication of the shared universe's future. While there are some very exciting projects coming down the pipeline like The Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman 1984, the public is eager to see members of the Justice League return to the silver screen. The latest reports indicated that Cavill's Superman might pop up in the Flash movie, although that hasn't been officially confirmed.

There was a ton of pressure behind Justice League ahead of its arrival. But when Joss Whedon arrived on set to complete the project in time for its release date, plans for a sequel and various spinoffs came to a screeching halt. Ben Affleck ultimately hung up his cowl and cape for good, and rumors began circulating that Henry Cavill would follow suit. The actor posted a few cryptic things to seemingly troll the fandom, although it looks like that's come to an end.

Henry Cavill's DC movies and the upcoming Snyder Cut will all be available on HBO Max. You can use this link to sign up for the new streaming service.

While it's currently unclear if/when Henry Cavill will play Superman again, we'll get to see more of his characterization in Justice League's upcoming Snyder Cut. After years of fan campaigning, HBO Max has given Zack Snyder $30 million or more to complete his vision for the movie, before releasing it on streaming. It should be interesting to see how the alternate cut of the blockbuster changes Clark Kent's role, and whether or not Warner Bros. ultimately brings Cavill back for another gig.

There's currently no clear indication as to when Justice League's Snyder Cut will arrive on HBO Max, but is expected sometime in 2021. In the meantime, the DCEU continues to grow with upcoming theatrical releases, all of which are highly anticipated. But let's just hope that Superman eventually returns to the universe he helped kick start.

The next installment in the DCEU is Wonder Woman 1984 on October 2nd. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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