Blumhouse's Freaky Trailer: Vince Vaughn Is A Teenage Girl In Genre-Bending Horror Flick

Freaky Vince Vaughn stands around with his teen best friends

Actors face all sorts of challenges throughout their careers, and Vince Vaughn has certainly encountered his share. Playing everything from comedy goofballs in films like Wedding Crashers to military heroes in awards darlings like Hacksaw Ridge, the man has encountered a killer resume of roles throughout his decades of acting. And now he’s about to take on one hell of a challenge as Freaky, the latest horror flick from Blumhouse and co-writer/director Christopher Landon, has Vaughn is playing a teenage girl. Get your first hysterical look in the trailer below:

In the grand tradition of body swapping movies like Freaky Friday, and slasher flicks like Friday the 13th, Freaky starts out telling the story of young Millie (The Society’s Kathryn Newton) and how she was almost killed by a masked murderer known as “The Butcher” (Vince Vaughn). The only problem is, instead of being murdered, Millie found herself suffering a fate worse than death. As it turns out, the dagger that The Butcher uses as his weapon of choice has the power to switch souls, and now her consciousness is stuck in his body.

As you can see, Freaky uses this concept to its greatest extent, and how could it not? After all, this is a reteaming between Blumhouse Productions and Happy Death Day franchise mastermind Christopher Landon. So while we’re not getting the third film that series has promised its eager fans, Freaky is ready to provide the same sort of murderous laughs that we’ve seen from Landon in the past. Just with an entirely new body to walk around in.

What’s equally impressive in Freaky’s body swap scenario is the fact that Kathryn Newton looks like an absolute stone cold killer in this movie. Just as Vince Vaughn is crushing the perils of Millie being trapped in The Butcher’s body, Newton is absolutely murdering her time as a teenage psycho killer/smart ass. Actually, the more I talk about this movie, the more it sounds like we’ve gotten that remake of Face/Off that the world has constantly been threatened with. Except with more comedy, less Hugh Jackman, and a huge dose of magical killer energy.

It looks like an amazing fall for Blumhouse, as not only is Freaky looking like an absolutely off the rails horror-comedy, but in addition to their Welcome To The Blumhouse line of films debuting on Prime Video in October, there’s going to be a lot of content from producer Jason Blum’s spooky production shingle. And while it may be hitting theaters in the post-Halloween glow of 2020, Freaky will aptly enough find its way into theaters on Friday, November 13th. Freaky indeed, Blumhouse.

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