New Free Guy Trailer Features Ryan Reynolds Repeatedly Getting Hit By Moving Vehicles

Free Guy Ryan Reynolds steps onto the train tracks

Some actors are hired for specific sets of skills, as watching our favorite performers do what they do best just makes movies like Free Guy all the more immersive to watch. And apparently, if the new film’s trailer is any indication, Ryan Reynolds has one attribute that comes in handy when introducing moviegoers to the world of the fictitious Free City. As you can now see for yourself, if you want to hire someone to get hit by moving vehicles in style for your next motion picture, Reynolds is your guy.

Naturally, Free Guy isn’t being malicious about subjecting Ryan Reynolds’ Guy to fake pain, especially when he’s technically playing an NPC in a wildly successful sandbox simulator. Taxi cabs, murder trains, and even people’s fists all slam into Ryan Reynolds in this latest look at 20th Century Studios’ comedy thrill ride. But even though it resets his day, Guy keeps on smiling, and trying to not just be a good guy, but a great one.

The world in Free Guy certainly could use such a hero, as anyone who grabs media attention, and even finds himself becoming the answer to a question on Jeopardy! It’s a rags to riches story, when you take into account the fact that Guy’s world is kind of crumbing down around him. An existential crisis will do that to a person, and that’s exactly where this adventure lands Ryan Reynolds’ protagonist, thanks to his dealings with the elusive Molotov Girl, played by Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer. Now that he’s learned exactly what he is, and how to play the game at the heart of Free Guy, it’s up to Guy to help his new ally in saving Free City, and potentially himself.

But inside of all of the action and comedy that Free Guy has to show the world, there’s also a heart. While Ryan Reynolds struggles with his ponderances on life in as an NPC, he’s got a friend like Lil Rel Howery’s character, aptly named Buddy, to help him stay the course. Friendship, action, and comedy: the cornerstones of any big would-be blockbuster, if I do say so myself. And so far, it looks like Free Guy is reveling in the environment it’s gotten to play around with, with surprises waiting around every corner. Just take a look at the new poster that was released alongside this latest trailer:

Free Guy new theatrical poster

I think I’m starting to see why Free Guy is apparently Ryan Reynolds’ favorite movie he’s ever filmed. And we’ll all get to see a lot more of just why it’s captured his heart as the movie is slated for theatrical release on December 11. Should change for any reason whatsoever, you can be sure CinemaBlend will break that news as it updates, and that yesterday’s joke about covering several release options in one promo was well played. So keep an eye out on both our 2020 release schedule, as well as the calendar for the titles debuting in 2021, just in case something looks like it’s disappeared from where you last saw it.

Mike Reyes
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