Wait, Could Zac Efron Already Be Engaged To New Gal Vanessa Valladares?

Zac Efron at the beach in Netflix's Down To Earth 2020

Life moves pretty fast, at least for Ferris Bueller and Zac Efron. The actor up and moved to Byron Bay a few months ago, met a new girl – Vanessa Valladares – and now may even be engaged to his new beau, if new reports are to be believed.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on Zac Efron and his Vanessa Hudgens look-alike partner Vanessa Valladares, the two have been spending a lot of time together in recent weeks. Rumor has it, she’s basically moved in with the Baywatch actor. On a more concrete note, she definitely threw the actor a party for his birthday and many people and other celebrities attended, one of whom spilled some tea about a ring.

According to a new report over at US Weekly, Zac Efron actually gave Vanessa Valladares a ring during his birthday celebration. Cosmopolitan and some other outlets seem to be inferring it’s an engagement ring, though I’m not 100% sold. An unnamed source though did say that Efron gave Valladares a ring as a sort of “unofficial engagement,” so the engagement ring idea isn’t coming out of left field. It’s just that it could easily be another sort of commitment ring, so I’m reserving judgment.

What is definitely true is that Zac Efron seems to be joined at the hip with Vanessa Valladares and that continued as he celebrated his 33rd birthday in recent weeks. Radio Jock Kyle Sandilands, who attended the now-famous birthday party, says everything is copacetic between the couple right now. He noted Efron’s “in love” during an episode of Kyle & Jackie O.

He absolutely loves Australia. Well, he’s in love with this girl Vanessa. They’re lovely. Beautiful couple. They do everything together. They’re just really sweet, and they’re lovely.

Meanwhile, both Zac Efron and his partner have been low-key on social media since they got together over the summer. The actor was good about posting content related to his Netflix series Down to Earth with Zac Efron, though his posting has fallen off since then.

It’s been a weird year for a lot of folks. There have been unsettled moments and quite a bit of uprooting, as people have swapped cities, jobs and locations for different reasons. Even celebrities aren’t immune to this sort of change, as Zac Efron has shown with his big shift from the States to Australia. He seems to be taking a bit of a break while other actors are trying to figure out how to get back to work with restrictions.

He recently was looking into buying property after renting in Byron Bay, as well, so it does seem as if he wants to put down roots in the community. Whether or not that will also include an engagement is yet to be seen, but we’ll keep you updated if Valladares is spotted with a ring.

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