Zac Efron's Byron Bay Birthday Was Celebrated With New Gal Vanessa And Chris Hemsworth’s Dad

Zac Efron in Byron Bay during quarantine

Zac Efron just turned 33 this week and celebrated in style, inviting his girlfriend Vanessa Valladares, Chris Hemsworth’s dad and more to an event over the weekend. That would be a way less odd sentence to type if it were a story about Chris, Liam or Luke’s birthdays, but apparently Australia is a pretty small country and Efron and the elder Hemsworth, Craig, know one another as well. Hollywood, amirite?

Look, if I had a birthday and I knew Chris Hemsworth’s dad, I probably would have invited him to hang out too. On Friday, that’s exactly what Zac Efron did. In addition to the aforementioned individuals, Efron had a party at his event in Byron Bay, with tennis champ Pat Rafter and radio jock Kyle Sandilands also attending the festivities. Other celebrities also allegedly attended the event, though a lot of the guest list was kept under wraps.

Of course, people are also interested in the time Zac Efron has been spending with his model girlfriend Vanessa Valladares. This is the second time Efron has been linked to a woman named Vanessa. He was with his High School Musical co-star Vanessa Hudgens for some time. Initially, when news broke Efron was spending time with his new lady in Byron Bay, some people thought the famous couple had rekindled. Now that Vanessa Valladares seems to be sticking around, people are certainly intrigued about the relationship.

In fact, this weekend Vanessa Valladares was there for Zac Efron’s 33rd birthday gathering. It was Valladares who allegedly threw the party as a surprise for her beau, as Kyle Sandilands told E!. The rumor mill also says that Efron is looking for a new place in Australia and that Valladares has practically moved in, per previous reports.

Dylan Efron, Zac Efron’s 28-year-old brother and an Instagram star in his own right, shared some well wishes and fond memories of times spent with his famous brother prior to the events in 2020 that have kept families and friends further apart than would be normal.

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Restrictions due to the novel coronavirus are different in varying places around the world. Recent headlines out of Australia have talked about lockdowns easing in places like Melbourne and Victoria, making gatherings easier than they are in other places worldwide. Restrictions and rules in NSW, where Byron Bay is located, can be viewed here.

Various outlets, including The Daily Mail, also report that Chris and Liam Hemsworth were invited to the big birthday event, but neither ultimately attended. Zac Efron later officially turned 33 on Sunday.

The actor has been heading in a bit of a different direction in Hollywood recently. After a turn as Ted Bundy, Zac Efron gave a Netflix reality series a go, and let audiences follow him on travels with Down to Earth with Zac Efron. Another series, Killing Zac Efron, will be coming up. As far as scripted content goes though, he does have a killer Stephen King movie role coming up. That’s pretty much the best birthday present he could have given any one of us.

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