Disney+ Is Coming To Brazil, Argentina, Mexico And More With Presale Discounts

It has been a little less than a year since Disney+ debuted in the United States, Canada, and various other territories, and now the streaming service looks to increase its subscriber count (60.5 million and rising) when it becomes available in Latin America in November 2020. This means that even more people will get to enjoy the vast library of content from the studio's storied history. That's not all, however, as new Disney+ subscribers in a number of countries in Central and South America will also have access to some pretty great pre-sale offers that make Disney+ even more appealing.

When Disney+ Will Be Available In Latin America

Disney+ will be launching in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, and Costa Rica on November 17, at which point subscribers in these countries will have access to a growing list of movies, shows, and other programs from the brands that fall under the Disney umbrella.

When Disney+ Pre-Ordering Will Be Available In Latin America

These new users won't have to wait until November 17 to sign up for Disney+, and in fact, the streaming platform is currently offering a enticing offer to those who wish to sign up for an annual membership well ahead of the launch later this month. During this brief window, which started on November 3, early adopters will see a substantial discount just for signing up for a year of the service ahead of time.

Pre-Ordering Disney+ Offers Substantial Discounts

Below is a breakdown the pre-sale cost of a Disney+ subscription (one year of access) compared to what it will cost once the service launches on November 17.


  • Pre-Sale Annual Price: ARS$3.250
  • Normal Annual Price: ARS$3.850
  • Normal Monthly Price: ARS$385


  • Pre-Sale Annual Price: BRL$237,90
  • Normal Annual Price: BRL$279,90
  • Normal Monthly Price: BRL$27,90


  • Pre-Sale Annual Price: CLP$54.90
  • Normal Annual Price: CLP$64.90
  • Normal Monthly Price: CLP$6.50

Costa Rica

  • Pre-Sale Annual Price: USD$50,90
  • Normal Annual Price: USD$59,99
  • Normal Monthly Price: USD$5,99


  • Pre-Sale Annual Price: MXN$1.359
  • Normal Annual Price: MXN$1.59
  • Normal Monthly Price: MXN$159


  • Pre-Sale Annual Price: PEN$220,90
  • Normal Annual Price: PEN$259,90
  • Normal Monthly Price: PEN$25,90


  • Pre-Sale Annual Price: USD$50,90
  • Normal Annual Price: USD$59,99
  • Normal Monthly Price: CLP$5,99


  • Pre-Sale Annual Price: COP$203.90
  • Normal Annual Price: COP$239.90
  • Normal Monthly Price: COP$23.90


  • Pre-Sale Annual Price: USD$50,90
  • Normal Annual Price: USD$59,99
  • Normal Monthly Price: CLP$5,99


  • Pre-Sale Annual Price: USD$50,90
  • Normal Annual Price: USD$59,99
  • Normal Monthly Price: CLP$5,99

It should be noted that those who choose to pre-order an annual subscription to Disney+ are not eligible for a 7-day free trial of the service and their account will first be billed on November 17.

What Is Included With Disney+ In Latin America

When November 17 rolls around, Disney+ subscribers in Latin America will be able to enjoy current movies and television series from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic like The Mandalorian Season 2, as well as upcoming content like Wandavision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

That about catches us up with everything there is to know about when Disney+ is coming to Latin America and when subscribers in the countries included in the region will be able to make the most of those killer discounts.

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