See Chris, Liam And Luke Hemsworth Together To Celebrate The Latter’s Birthday

Liam Hemsworth in Hunger Games, Chris Hemsworth in Extraction and Luke Hemsworth in Westworld
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If you’re tired of debating about the best and worst Hollywood Chris, may I call your attention to the Hemsworth brothers? These Aussie hunks are a sweet bunch who have tackled just about everything you could as an actor when you bunch them up together. Chris Hemsworth tends to get the most love just because he’s an Avenger, I guess, and Liam Hemsworth has had a Miley Cyrus song or a few written about him, but can we show a little love for Luke Hemsworth?

Sure, the oldest Hemsworth doesn’t physically tower quite as high as his brothers, but he has an incredibly impressive career to call his own. And did I mention it’s his birthday? The actor just turned the big 4-0, and Liam let the world know it with this sweet Instagram post:

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What a trio! Liam Hemsworth paid tribute to his older brother on social media with a selfie that has Luke laughing and Chris stealthily flipping the bird to the camera. Each of the bros have their own busy lives to attend to, so a picture like that must be a rare occurrence. But Luke’s milestone birthday is as good an occasion as any. It could honestly have been yesterday or years ago, these guys don’t seem to age. They must be taking what Paul Rudd’s handing out.

Liam Hemsworth is the youngest of the three, and he celebrated his own milestone of turning 30 years old in January. Chris Hemsworth turned 37 back in August. Luke Hemsworth responded to his brother’s post with this comment:

Thanks @liamhemsworth you’ll always be the little brother who's best at crying! Love ya forever.

They are all jokers, of course. The sarcasm must be through the roof during a meet-up like the one above. As Luke Hemsworth celebrates 40, he’s been on three seasons of the HBO hit Westworld as Ashley Stubbs, and he recently starred in a thriller with Maggie Q called Death of Me. The actor also shared a picture of how shredded he is these days and is campaigning to be the next Wolverine.

As for his brothers, Liam Hemsworth has said he and Chris are looking to make a “big action-comedy thing” movie together this year. And can you really make a Hemsworth brothers movie without Luke? It would be awesome to see all their talents combine on screen one of these days. Chris Hemsworth will soon get to work on the fourth Thor movie, play Hulk Hogan in a biopic, reprise his Netflix role of Tyler Rake in another Extraction movie and co-star with Anya Taylor-Joy in the Furiosa spinoff.

Sure, it’d be easy to answer Chris Hemworth, so I’ll put this to a vote… which other Hemsworth is your favorite? Liam or Luke? Vote in the poll below.

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