Hugh Jackman Celebrates Christmas In The Most Wolverine Way Ever

Christmas is a time of giving, spending time with loved ones… and showing off fun holiday decorations. Oftentimes this can just be decorating your place of residence in a traditional way, i.e. putting lights and ornaments on a Christmas tree, or hanging up a wreath, but some people like to go a little weirder with the decorations. Hugh Jackman decided to give his character Wolverine a little attention during the 2020 festive seasons.

Admittedly, few, if any, associate Wolverine with Christmas, but maybe that will change once you see the statuette Hugh Jackman has on display in his home. Take a look:

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Does Wolverine look any less terrifying with that festive hat on? Not really. Is he more appropriately dressed if he were on his way to a Christmas party? Definitely. The only way the ensemble would be more Christmas-y is if that classic leather X-Men suit was colored red and green. Yeah, it wouldn’t look great on the battlefield, but chances are if you’re locked in combat with Wolverine, you’ll be playing more attention to his adamantium claws than his costume. Now, how about we work on getting Logan to feel truly more holly and jolly?

To be sure, a Christmas-themed Wolverine statuette isn’t going to fit with everyone’s decor during the holiday season, but for Hugh Jackman, it’d be weirder if he didn’t give his famed superhero character some attention. this time of year. Okay, yes, that statuette was probably already sitting out year-round, but at least the actor found a way to give it some Christmas flair. Now the countdown begins for Ryan Reynolds to respond to this social media post as part of their ongoing feud, whether it’s simply writing an amusing retort or sharing a picture of how he’s Christmas-ized a Deadpool statuette.

Just like Patrick Stewart with Professor X and Ian McKellen with Magneto, to name a few, 2000’s X-Men marked our introduction to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, and along with the movie helping to popularize the superhero film genre, it also propelled Jackman to worldwide fame. He went on to appear in five more of the main X-Men movies (including his cameo in X-Men: First Class) and star in three Wolverine spinoffs. 2017’s Logan marked the end of the character’s journey, although archive footage of Jackman as Wolverine was used in Deadpool 2 and The New Mutants.

While there was a time when Hugh Jackman was game to appear in the MCU as Wolverine, the timing never worked out, and as a result, that proverbial ship has sailed. Of course, now that the MCU has access to the X-Men property, it’s expected that someday Wolverine will be rebooted with a different actor. As such, the chances are also extremely slim we’ll ever get a proper pairing of Jackman’s Wolverine with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool, although with Deadpool 3 in development at Marvel Studios, perhaps Reynolds will finally be able to convince Jackman to don the claws one truly last time, even for just a cameo. Fingers crossed!

As for what Hugh Jackman has on the horizon, his next movie, Reminiscence, is set to come out sometime next year, with Mortal Kombat taking its previous April 16, 2021 slot. Browse through our 2021 release schedule to learn what other movies will arrive over the next 12 months.

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