Zac Efron Is Rocking A Mullet Now, And The Internet Has Thoughts

Zac Efron’s been a busy guy this year, finding love and becoming one of the latest celebrities to move to Australia. Now, we can add “wearer of mullets” to the list of things he has accomplished this year. In fact, the a-lister recently went to Attaboy hair in Adelaide, Australia and got himself a new ‘do. Of course, the Internet has thoughts about the mullet as well. After all, mullets do tend to be conversation starters.

Before you can officially espouse your own opinion on the matter, you can take a look at what Zac Efron just did to his hair with the post below. As you can see from the first image, it’s all business in the front and all party in the back, just as a mullet should be.

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I love that Zac Efron came in for “a tidy up” and left with a mullet. Some people would probably be absolutely devastated to have to attempt to pull off a mullet, but honestly, Zac Efron seems as if he was game for the change. He even got involved in giving someone else their own brand new look later that day. I’m not sure if the mullet life will be one the celebrity sticks with -- in fact I’d venture to guess his movie roles will prevent him from keeping it, but wilder things have happened.

In fact, wilder things have happened specifically to Zac Efron’s head before. Remember the time the actor actually modeled his facial hair after a “panini” for Harmony Korine’s The Beach Bum? Shockingly, that was not a look Efron kept up with after filming the movie with Matthew McConaughey. I can’t imagine why, but the point is, hair is not forever, and it seems the actor is OK trying new things out when it comes to his overall look.

Still, it’s a pretty over-the-top choice for a haircut, so of course the Internet has thoughts. Honestly, most people seem to think Zac Efron’s genes help him to pull off a look that should never have become a look in the first place.

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Others think the actor’s move to Australia has been responsible for a lot of good change they’ve seen in Efron. Clearly his haircut falls into that boat.

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Not everyone is here for the mullet life, however, which I suppose is to be expected. Another Twitter user took the opportunity to take a shot at Adelaide whilst commenting on Zac Efron’s new hairstyle.

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Some people simply feel that if you are going to live the mullet life, you should take it more seriously and perhaps jazz it up a little.

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Zac Efron isn’t the first major celebrity to sport a mullet, which is making a comeback with the Hollywood set. Famous mullet wearers include the likes of Miley Cyrus recently, along with her famous dad Billy Ray Cyrus back in the day. In fact, though, you probably would have to go back to the eighties or nineties for some of the most famous examples. John Stamos had a mullet during his Full House years, and even Rob Lowe once had a mullet. That has to be a fact his kids still bring up to this day right?

The mullet wars 2020

Meanwhile, I know this was for a movie, but I have to ask: Who wore it better, Zac Efron or Joe Dirt 2’s David Spade?

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