Former Price Is Right Model Credits Drew Carey For Setting Her On Path To Wonder Woman 1984 Role

Gwendolyn Osborne on her last _The Price is Right_ episodes

If you have HBO Max or were able to make it to one of the few theaters open right now, chances are you’ve watched the recently-released Wonder Woman 1984. If you can remember the beginning of the two and a half hour-long film, which gives us a look into Diana’s Amazonian background, you may recall seeing a familiar face. One of the beautiful and athletic Amazon women who raised Wonder Woman could also be seen every weekday morning as a model on CBS’s The Price is Right.

Gwendolyn Osborne, a model, actress and now it would seem stuntwoman, was seen with Drew Carey pretty much every morning giving away money and cars on The Price is Right. There have always been models on the show, but they have taken on a little bit of a new role since Drew Carey has become host of the long-running game show. Osborne told Yahoo that Carey has been a source of new life on the set and instituted a new standard of woman empowerment for the show that had not been seen before. Here's what Osborne had to say about how that paved the way for her to join Wonder Woman 1984:

Honestly, I think Drew [Carey] was the person who made the change in that because I know that before I came along, that was not possible. He definitely set a standard, a new standard of acceptance and empowerment with women so I was able to fulfill that by having my baby, come back and then doing it again, and as we know, every model has done it since and they’re all back on the show.

Gwendolyn Osborne was the first model on The Price is Right to be shown pregnant and to be able to retain her job after giving birth. In fact, all models on the show have become pregnant while on the show since Drew Carey has become the host, and Osborne believes he's the person to thank for that possibility.

The models have been made a personality staple to the show, rather than simply eye candy. They have been humanized, and Drew Carey (or whoever really is responsible for the apparent changes in the show’s rulebook) has made the statement that the models are worth holding on to as individuals. Gwendolyn Osborne left The Price is Right in 2017, having spent 12 years total on the show.

It would seem that the girl power attitude has leaked over into other opportunities for Gwendolyn Osborne in a big way. Being in the opening scenes in one of the biggest theatrical releases of the year has generated a good amount of buzz for Osborne, and the role of an Amazonian in Wonder Woman 1984 puts her in a position to portray more bold and beautiful roles in the future.

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