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See How Pedro Pascal Celebrated We Can Be Heroes Getting A Netflix Sequel

The new Netflix movie We Can Be Heroes has only been on Netflix for a couple of weeks, but the movie is already a rock solid hit. It's such a big hit that director Robert Rodriguez recently announced that he's already in early development on a sequel. That's going to be great news for the millions of Netflix users that gobbled up the first film on release. It's also big news for co-star Pedro Pascal, who celebrated the news that another film is on the way by giving all the credit to Rodriguez.

Pedro Pascal took to Twitter following the news that We Can Be Heroes was getting a sequel and he seems happier than anybody else to hear that such a thing is happening. He calls Robert Rodriguez "a boss," basically giving him all the credit for both the fact that We Can Be Heroes is a hit, and for the fact that a sequel is already on the way.

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It clearly sounds like Pedro Pascal had a good time working on We Can Be Heroes, so we can probably assume that he's game to return for the sequel. One certainly hopes that everybody else will also be back. Netflix will certainly want to replicate the success of the first movie as much as possible, and that mean getting back as many people both in front of the camera and behind it.

One certainly wonders if the sequel could end up finally including Taylor Lautner as well. We Can Be Heroes takes place in the same universe as Rodrigez's 2005 film The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, and the superhero characters both appear in the new film, but while Lavagirl was played by the original actress. Taylor Dooley, Sharkboy was not. Lautner was apparently unavailable during the production so he could not make his cameo, but the character's face was obscured and his voice was never used, potentially allowing Lautner to slip into a sequel without much difficulty.

All that may depend on when this sequel actually goes into production, and of course, odds are that will be a while. While it's certainly possible that Robert Rodriguez has had a sequel script collecting dust in a drawer for years, what's more likely is that the movie will need to be written before much else can happen, and that means it will be at least a couple of years before we see such a film. In addition to working on this movie Robert Rodriguez has other responsibilities, including producing the new Ahsoka Star Wars series for Disney+. If this really is the very beginning of development, it could be some time before we see such a film.

However long it takes, for the 44 million homes that have already watched We Can Be Heroes, it will likely be worth it. You can check out the movie on Netflix now and get in on the hype.

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