Kevin Hart's Having The Best Time Teasing Michael B. Jordan About His Sexy Alexa Ad

Kevin Hart in Night School

Michael B. Jordan has delivered many memorable performances over the years, from Adonis Creed in the Creed movies to Killmonger in Black Panther. But now we have what’s possibly his most iconic role to date: Alexa. Jordan starred in Amazon’s Super Bowl commercial that depicted its virtual assistant personified as a hunk of a man in the mind of one of the company’s employees. Well, fellow actor Kevin Hart decided to tease Jordan about his sexy Alexa ad by acting like he was up for the same role.

It can indeed be hard to see someone playing a role that you auditioned for, but Kevin Hart seems to be handling it rather well now… sort of. Here’s what he had to say on his Instagram Stories while he was in the middle of his boxing workout:

Last week was tough for me. It was. To the people out there, I got in my own way, got in my own head. This whole Michael B. Jordan and Alexa commercial was too much. But I let it go. Decided to let bygones be bygones, be the bigger man.

But wait, there’s more! In another video, we see that Kevin Hart actually taped a picture of Michael B. Jordan on the portion of the punching bag that he was pummeling. So clearly Hart’s not handling the loss of the Alexa role as well as he initially let on. I’d feel sorry for him… if this wasn’t just Hart just having some good-natured fun with Jordan. Though now I’m curious about if there ever as been a situation where these two have been up for the same role.

Of course, when it comes to career trajectory, Michael B. Jordan and Kevin Hart have embarked down wildly different paths. Understandably, Hart has primarily acted in comedic projects, with his notable credits in that regard including the Ride Along movies, Get Hard and Night School. That being said, Hart has also been building a solid lineup of action-related work with the likes of Central Intelligence and the Jumanji movies. He was also recently cast in the Borderlands adaptation, and while he only cameoed in 2019’s Hobbs & Shaw, it’s been indicated that he’ll have a bigger role in the sequel.

As for Michael B. Jordan, along with the aforementioned franchise roles (there’s still no official word on if Killmonger will somehow be involved in Black Panther 2), he’s also scored recognition for movies like Chronicle, Fruitvale Station and Just Mercy, as well as for TV projects like Fahrenheit 451 and Gen:Lock. And Alexa isn’t the only way Jordan is affiliated with Amazon, as he’s also starring as John Clark in Without Remorse, which was originally supposed to be a theatrical release, but is now hitting Prime Video on April 30. Looking further into the future, Jordan’s upcoming projects include Methuselah, Wrong Answer and Creed 3.

Should the day come that there’s confirmation that Michael B. Jordan and Kevin Hart did indeed audition for the same high-profile commercial, or they appear in a commercial together, we here at CinemaBlend will let you know. Until that happens, keep checking back for more updates on their respective careers, and learn what movies are supposed to come out later this year in our 2021 release schedule.

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