Jennifer Garner Is Adorable Even While Hawking Hair Products In The Bathtub

Jennifer Garner in Camping 2021

If you haven’t been following her already, Jennifer Garner is one of the most delightful celebrities who is active on the Internet. Yes, even when she’s goofing around naked (half-naked?) in a bathtub while hawking hair products. Maybe especially while goofing around in a bathtub.

Jennifer Garner’s actively been in quarantine over the past couple of weeks, but she recently came out of her self-imposed isolation (where she built snowmen and more!) to share an ad for Virtue Labs. I don’t know what Virtue Labs is or does, but apparently it has something to do with making your hair look healthy and shiny, as well as gave Garner a chance to goof around in a tub and bring in the family's delightful pup, a Golden Retriever named Birdie, to boot.

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Do I have hair envy now? Maybe. OK, yes, but more importantly, I don’t know how Jennifer Garner manages to be so consistently watchable, even when she's just hanging around her house. She’s always up to weird stuff she shares with her 10.2 million followers. She dresses up in period costumes for her kids’ school projects, in one delightful example. She also folds laundry while drinking red wine (seemingly a recipe for disaster) and is often seen mucking around her farm in overalls, a farm she alleges she bought so she could wear the overalls.

And Jennifer Garner’s really had a lot of time on her hands lately. The mom of three has been away from her home, where she spent much of the last year quarantining, for her upcoming film The Adam Project. That movie, a sci-fi project which also stars Zoe Saldana, Mark Ruffalo and Ryan Reynolds, is expected to film in Vancouver, British Columbia soon and it seems that's what Garner has been spending time by herself in preparation for. But 14 days by yourself can lead to some really weird moments, such as this one featuring an Adele song and a medicine ball.

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While I assume the bathtub video spot was filmed before she began quarantining for The Adam Project, it's certainly been a couple of notable weeks on social for the actress. She addressed the oddity of self-isolation in a separate Instagram video with Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts, noting,

I feel really great, I’m good. I mean I’m oddly on Day 10 of being in this weird situation. But thank god I have Moe with me and so I’ve had a good time. It’s been really busy, but it’s just weird to be away from my family for this long.

We'll have to wait and see how The Adam Project pans out, but so she knows, if she wants to keep hawking hair products at us while we wait, I'm actually kind of here for it.

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