The Russo Brothers Share Marvel Set Videos Revealing Family Cameos In Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Chris Evans in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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The Russo Brothers helped to shape the Marvel Cinematic Universe through Phase Four. The brothers were instrumental in the Captain America sequels and the final Avengers films. But while the filmmakers have been at the forefront, they decided to make filmmaking a family affair. One example of this sentiment was their MCU debut, 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The directing duo took to social media to reveal the various family cameos throughout the Captain America sequel.

The Russo brothers were an integral part of the MCU since directing Captain America: The Winter Solider. They helped to engineer the Infinity Saga’s fitting (and touching) end. After making their final(?) Marvel film, the brothers have managed to stay connected to the Marvel family. With that in mind, the Russos placed a big emphasis on maintaining a family feel. This translated into incorporating their family into the filmmaking process. The directing duo took to their Instagram to share some behind-the-scenes video from the set of The Winter Soldier. A few videos highlighted the family cameos in the film. Check out the Russo Brothers’ fun and insightful post below:

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The Russo Brothers’ Instagram post pointed out just how important family is to them, even while shooting a blockbuster. Seeing all the important and “blink-and-you'll-miss-it” cameos displayed how embedded the entire family is in the Marvel universe. A true surprise was the boy who spotted Captain America in the museum was actually their nephew. Now, that’s keeping it in the family. Seeing family members spread throughout the entire film was eye-opening. Just having Russo family members involved in every aspect of Captain America: The Winter Soldier made an already special movie even more special.

As previously stated, the Russo Brothers made Captain America: The Winter Soldier a family affair, which carried throughout their Marvel run. For the directing duo, that mentality has extended to many Marvel stars. They’ve filled several recent films with them.

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The Russos worked with Chris Hemsworth on the Netflix hit Extraction with a franchise in the works. The directors and Spider-Man star Tom Holland teamed up for the crime drama Cherry. The film’s promotion went viral after the brothers and Holland did some pantless interviews. The duo is scheduled to film The Gray Man with Chris Evans, which recently suffered a COVID-related setback. Even after wrapping their tenure with Marvel, the brothers spoken up about possible developments within the MCU as well as clarifying any loopholes.

Making Captain America: The Winter Soldier a family affair was second nature for the Russo Brothers (as evident by the Instagram post). Including their family in such a pivotal Marvel film showed how important family remains for the brothers in the midst of their success. If you want to spot all the Russo cameos for yourself, you can stream Captain America: The Winter Soldier on Disney+.

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