Why Socks Are Key To Going Pantless, According To Tom Holland

Promoting television and film projects virtually has become the norm in Hollywood. Most celebrities are using Zoom or Skype to join daytime and late-night talk shows for a nice chat session. Recently, Cherry star Tom Holland went viral for doing his virtual interviews pantless, and one detail that stuck out was him wearing socks. So Holland decided to break down why socks are key to going pantless.

In recent weeks, Tom Holland’s “no-pants-socks-only” interviews have become social media fodder. Many people have hopped on the trend by posting their virtual chat attire. This was evident by his Cherry director Joey Russo taking part in the viral trend. The actor went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote the crime drama, and Holland and Fallon spoke on the viral moment before the host asked the actor why he wears socks. Holland candidly stated:

Yeah, cause it's cold. Because I’ve got to wear this suit jacket, and the suit jacket is too hot. But I have my legs out which is nice and freeing, but then my toes get cold, so I wear my socks.

Tom Holland gave a funny, yet honest answer to wearing socks. Holland’s answer spoke to the pantless lifestyle and proved how common it's becoming. Holland’s point about getting hot in a suit rung true for many in corporate America and entertainment. What made the clip even more surprising was when Tom Holland stood up to show Jimmy Fallon that the photos weren’t just a fluke. Fallon was caught off guard as he covered his eyes while Holland covered his underwear with his hand.

But honestly, Tom Holland’s “business-on-the-top-socks-only” approach isn’t really anything new. As more people work, party and even interview from home, putting together a whole look isn't necessary. Most people are only seeing co-workers, friends and family from the chest up. Doing interviews only being dressed to a certain point might become the norm as more businesses shift to the “work-from-home” model. In this sense, Holland is being a relatable king who is tired of wearing a full suit to the office just like everyone else.

But Tom Holland isn’t the only one to embrace the pantless lifestyle (see: Halle Berry and Alexandra Daddario). But like every trend, not everyone has openly embraced the pantless life such as Halloween’s Jamie Lee Curtis, who only flirted with it. Time will tell if the pantless lifestyle is here to stay or just a fad until the world opens again.

To put things in perspective, Tom Holland’s “pantless-with-socks-only” style has helped with the Cherry press tour. While the viral moment has brought some attention to the crime drama, not everyone is excited about certain scenes, including Holland’s mother. If you want to see the actor in a new light, Cherry will arrive in theaters on Feb. 26 before coming to Apple TV+ on Mar. 12.

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