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Has Godzilla Vs. Kong’s Runtime Been Leaked?

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While it’s not set to debut until the end of the month, Godzilla vs. Kong is probably the most monstrous debut to hit the world this March. So there’s a lot of talk that’s going to surround the anticipation of this prize fight between the Titans of the MonsterVerse. And a new topic has just landed on the table as director Adam Wingard’s movie may have had its running time leaked; with the rumors clocking in as the shortest runtime in the series.

But this possible honor reportedly won't be won by a wide margin. That is if these whispers from AlloCine (via Kaiju News Outlet) are accurate. As it stands, Godzilla vs. Kong has been rumored to be a cool, crisp affair clocking in at an hour and 53 minutes. Surely, it sounds short, especially when thinking back to the pretty rich stories told in the previous entries. But, as you’ll see below, the film’s supposed stature as the shortest runtime is only won by a margin of seven minutes:

Godzilla - 2 hrs 3 minsKong: Skull Island - 2 hrsGodzilla: King of the Monsters - 2 hr 12 minsGodzilla vs. Kong - 1 hr 53 mins

The subject of running times is one that has been discussed a lot in the past couple of years, but it seems to have taken flight over the past year or so. So some might be rather pleased to read that Godzilla vs. Kong is sailing into port at a sub-2 hour clip. Then again, some will surely be worried about whether or not there was any sort of studio tinkering involved in Godzilla vs. Kong’s brisk pacing; especially in light of Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ performance at the box office.

If there’s any sort of tie-breaking information that could be provided to help settle this matter, it has to be Adam Wingard’s filmography. More specifically, the fact that two of his most popular films, the thrillers You’re Next and The Guest, are both sub-2 hour movies, is something that should be considered. After all time is relative, and doubly so when it applies to the world of cinematic storytelling.

Godzilla vs. Kong will arrive on the shores of theaters and HBO Max streams on March 31st, and as the clock ticks down, the issue of running time will be just one of many topics coming up among fans of the MonsterVerse. Of course, you’ll either have to head to a theater near you, or sign up for an HBO Max subscription, in order to see the action for yourself.

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