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What Happened With Jessie J And Channing Tatum? Singer Debuts New Boyfriend

As of late Channing Tatum has been a bit of an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, hidden behind a ridiculously chiseled physique. Heading into last year’s unprecedented events, we were very curious about what was going on in the actor/entrepreneur’s life, especially pertaining to his relationship with singer Jessie J. Now you can consider us even more curious, as the pair look to have finally called it quits, and Jessie’s debuted a new boyfriend to confirm that very conclusion.

The Tatum/J relationship was always an on and off affair to begin with, so perhaps this shouldn't be a shock. Now Jessie J’s Instagram has delivered a new chapter in her romantic life for everyone to see. But that just makes us all the more curious as to how the previous arc ended, even as we’re glad to see the new romance blossoming in the post included below:

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Reading through the accompanying text, it looks like Jessie J’s big revelation was made to quell the paparazzi that keep trying to snap photos of her and her new “male pal” Max Pham Nguyen. Though in the hysterically crushing blow at the end, Jessie J corrects the media on that label, saying he’s not her “male pal.” Just in case those photos weren’t enough of a confirmation.

As there’s two sides to every relationship, we’re also wondering just how Channing Tatum is doing since this split. After the dissolution of his marriage with Step Up sweetheart Jenna Dewan, it feels as if the road has been a bit rocky for the man who was last heard in animated films like Smallfoot and The Lego Movie: The Second Part. But looking through his social media, there’s a rather sweet post in his recent output, as he can be seen taking ski lessons with his daughter, Everly.

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Naturally, we wish nothing but the best for both sides of this particular separation. However, there’s that human reflex to wonder what happened that finally split Jessie J and Channing Tatum up for good? Who knows if we’ll actually get the whole picture at any point in the future, if at all; though there have been some hints provided by Jessie J in the past that seem all the stronger in light of this big reveal. However, we do know that if you want to see Channing Tatum on the big screen again in the near future, his directorial debut, Dog, is scheduled to be released on May 7th.

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