Tom Holland And Spider-Man: No Way Home’s Cast Want To See Black Widow Just As Much As Us

Scarlett Johansson in Black Widow

2020 was a tumultuous time for Hollywood, especially for big studios such as Marvel. The COVID-19 shutdown pushed back the Phase Four slate by almost a year. One of the projects affected was the much-anticipated Black Widow solo film. Since missing its release date in March 2020, the film has been pushed back numerous times. But the wait for the Scarlett Johansson-led film is ending shortly as its May release draws closer. It turns out the wait is getting to Tom Holland and the Spider-Man: No Way Home cast just like the rest of us.

It’s no secret how big a Marvel fan Spider-Man himself Tom Holland is. He poured all his efforts into becoming Peter Parker (with some backing from the Russo brothers and Robert Downey Jr.). Holland’s love for Marvel came up in a recent interview with ScreenRant. The actor was asked what Marvel projects the actor was looking forward to seeing. He spoke on Marvel’s television slate before pivoting to Black Widow. Holland revealed how impatient he and the cast have become about seeing the film:

We’ve been pestering Marvel for weeks to see if they'll set up a screening of Black Widow for us. But they haven’t. So, if you’re watching Marvel, sort it out. Because we want to watch it.

Tom Holland’s response may have come off a little aggressive. But he isn’t the only Marvel fan wanting to see Black Widow. The fans have waited over a year to see one of the most anticipated films from 2020; the hype surrounding finally getting Natasha Romanoff's backstory has fans anxious to see it. Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios are notorious for keeping their projects under wraps until it’s time to release them. But Marvel may be in the right on this one as Holland has accidentally revealed some MCU plot lines in the past.

Tom Holland’s anticipation for Black Widow was a drop in the bucket as mystery continues surrounding the film. Back in December 2020, Milla Jovovich was just as hyped for the Marvel film, with her daughter playing a young Natasha. Some set photos of Scarlett Johansson were released but gave no more context about the film’s storyline. Further complicating things are doubts surrounding whether the film will make it to theaters or through other means. But Holland’s Spider-Man: No Way Home has been surrounded in mystery as well over who is and isn’t in the film.

With Black Widow being one of 2021’s most anticipated films, Tom Holland’s need to see the film isn’t out of step with the Marvel fandom. So calling out Marvel wasn’t a terrible move. As seen by the Phase Four slate, Marvel has a jam-packed schedule over the next few years. Black Widow will arrive in theaters on May 7.

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