Pitch Perfect’s Anna Kendrick Hilariously Apologizes To Camp Counselor Over The Cups Song

Anna Kendrick in "Cups (When I'm Gone)" video

For many kids growing up in the 2010s, the Pitch Perfect film series made a last impression on their lives. A huge part of the film’s legacy was introducing a capella music to the masses. Since music was a huge part of the films, it made sense for the franchise to spawn a hit song of its own: Anna Kendrick’s “Cups (When I’m Gone).” The song took over the airwaves, leading to some overzealousness from its young audience. For this, Kendrick issued a hilarious apology to a camp counselor over social media.

Pitch Perfect is one of the most beloved franchises of the last decade. The original film was a sleeper that Anna Kendrick took from being a supporting vampire to a Hollywood star. While the film ruled the box office, Kendrick was ruling the music charts with “Cups (When I’m Gone).” A moment from the movie turned into a cultural phenomenon as people imitated the scene and sang along to the catchy tune.

But not everyone was on the “Cups” bandwagon. Writer and podcast host Ellory Smith revealed on Twitter that the song led to a ban on cups while working as a camp counselor. Seeing Smith’s tweet, Anna Kendrick made an earnest, yet funny apology on Twitter, which you can read below:

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Anna Kendrick’s response to Ellory Smith’s tweet was just Anna Kendrick being Anna Kendrick. Without even trying, the actress managed to be funny even when apologizing over a song. But “Cups” was everywhere after Pitch Perfect became a runaway hit. It was in commercials, television shows, social media, radio, etc. But that’s just how popular that song was with any and everybody replicating Kendrick’s scene on social media. Of course, young campers would be doing the full routine at camp – they were the target audience. Anyway, as the adage goes, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

The success of Pitch Perfect and “Cups (When I'm Gone)” made Anna Kendrick both a superstar and a target. Kendrick’s response to Smith has been one of the few times she’s been on Twitter since being hacked in December 2020. The hacking of her Twitter led to some profane and racist posts being sent out on the account though she was eventually able to regain access. The actress even made a hilarious return while shouting out Kid Mero for notifying her of the hacking.

Outside of her Twitter dealings, Anna Kendrick has an impressive 2021 lined up with the thriller Stowaway and Season 2 of Love Life on the horizon. As talented as she is, Kendrick has managed to remain humble even in the most awkward situations. Hopefully the actress will come out of Twitter hiding more often to give more hilarious responses.

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