After Doing All That Work To Get Buff, A Quiet Place Part II’s John Krasinski Reveals How Emily Blunt Checked Him On Weight Gain

In recent years, A Quiet Place Part II’s John Krasinski has gone from everyday guy Jim to the jacked and agile Jack Ryan. The actor’s turn toward action has made him the picture of physical fitness. But even COVID-19 and quarantine got the best of the Jack Ryan star. After getting buff for his action roles, the actor-director revealed how wife Emily Blunt checked him on his weight gain.

Once again, John Krasinski proved he’s just like everybody else. Of course, like fellow Hollywood couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, Krasinski and actress wife Emily Blunt are known for being completely honest with each other. And quarantine was no exception for the couple. The film and television star said about his wife checking his secret addiction:

I got addicted to weird things. I was addicted to popcorn. My kids had microwave movie popcorn for something, and they loved it, and then just slowly the time started getting earlier and earlier. And at like 9:00 a.m. at breakfast, I was like, 'Does anybody want popcorn?'’ And Emily was like, 'You gotta cool it on the popcorn! You got to stop microwaving popcorn at 9:00 a.m.'

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It's nice to know that John Krasinski has someone like Emily Blunt to check him on his popcorn addiction. But who can blame the actor for his buttery vice? Many people found comfort in their favorite foods. Of course, comfort food led to many gaining some unwanted quarantine weight. Thankfully because of his wife, the actor got his quarantine weight check before taking on more projects.

During his The Late Late Show With Stephen Colbert interview (via E! News), John Krasinski admitted to Stephen Colbert that it did affect his role in Amazon Prime’s Jack Ryan. According to the actor, he was down to play a fluffy Jack Ryan. The actor-director told the late-night host:

There was a moment there where we were still going to shoot, and I said, ‘I am totally ready to shoot. We just need to change the title of the show to Fat Ryan. And then, let's do it.’

Of course, John Krasinski would be down for a heavy Jack Ryan. That means less work in the gym for him. But his answer was true John Krasinski fashion – dry humor and all. While the actor might’ve been down, viewers may have been a little put off by an overweight Jack Ryan. For more of Krasinski’s Late Show interview, check out the clip below:

While weight gain may have been a concern, John Krasinski’s real concern was A Quiet Place Part II’s release date. He revealed waiting for the anticipated sequel’s release was like delivering a baby. But Krasinski did say the film’s delayed release was good timing as moviegoers are set to return to theaters. So, his weight gain was nothing compared to the delayed sequel for the actor.

Thankfully viewers and John Krasinski don't have to wait much longer as A Quiet Place Part II will arrive in theaters on May 28. Despite the film's mixed critical reception and alleged salary drama, the sequel is poised to be the official start of this year’s summer blockbuster season.

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