Star Wars’ John Boyega Commends Marvel For Elevating BIPOC Stories

Finn surveying his surroundings in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star WarsJohn Boyega knows what it’s like to be the face of representation within a cinematic universe. While he didn’t get as much shine in the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy as expected, he does admire another Disney brand for its treatment of BIPOCs. The Star Wars actor commended Marvel for elevating BIPOC stories in its projects.

Being a part of the House of Mouse, it’s only right that John Boyega would admire Marvel's efforts. It’s no surprise given the MCU’s push for inclusion and representation in its projects. The Star Wars star praised the MCU for focusing on character and storytelling in their blockbuster films, saying:

The characters are only as good as the moments that you give them. When we talk about, you know, Captain America and him kind of facing off Thanos and his army, when you talk about these moments that are given to characters, it's only because these moments are written by somebody. These moments are put in there on purpose to elevate characters.

In his Fresh Air interview, John Boyega delved more into Marvel’s handling of BIPOC characters within the cinematic universe. Boyega heaped praise on one MCU project in particular - Disney+'s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He said this about the MCU’s BIPOC representation within the miniseries:

We've got people now watching Falcon And The Winter Soldier, and a lot of people have been commenting about the elevation of Falcon's character - right? - in the series and how they've really done well with bringing him up, which I also agree as well. You know, and we can see there is - that's because you give characters these special moments, you know.

As he pointed out, Marvel has done a respectable job elevating characters and stories, especially those of BIPOCs. John Boyega has been using his voice to spotlight better representation on the big and small screen. And from the looks of Boyega’s work, he is walking the walk.

But John Boyega isn’t afraid to speak up about representation in Hollywood, especially after his experience on the Star Wars films. He has recounted on many occasions the backlash his character Finn received from the Star Wars fanbase. He even spoke with Disney executives about the Star Wars issue, which left the actor dissatisfied. Just last year, Boyega gained headlines for his emotional message at a Black Lives Matter protest in the U.K. This led to an outpouring of support from Hollywood, as well as some new projects. So the Small Axe star knows how important representation is.

It isn’t just John Boyega who’s a champion for BIPOC representation either; his fans are too. Disney did throw its support behind the Star Wars actor on social media. Mel Milton, who created the portrait that the Mouse House commissioned, broke down how important the actor’s presence was within the iconic film series. So no matter how much backlash Boyega received, Finn’s appearance in the last trilogy was needed and wanted.

From his work on Small Axe to the upcoming Attack the Block sequel, John Boyega has used his voice to elevate representation in the film and television industry. Here’s to hoping the British actor will eventually be brought into the MCU.

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