Olivia Rodrigo Picks The Perfect Song Off Sour For Twilight's Team Jacob

Olivia Rodrigo Sour Album cover and Taylor Lautner in New Moon
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This past week, the number one album across the U.S. has been 18-year-old Olivia Rodrigo’s debut record Sour. The album follows the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star’s viral success these past few months, namely with her huge hit “drivers license.” But did you know that Rodrigo is a huge Twilight fan too? The singer and actress once shared a song she had made about Edward and Bella when she had writer’s block. Since releasing Sour, it sounds like she’s been channeling Team Jacob much more.

Many of the lyrics for Sour revolve around a breakup that involved Olivia Rodrigo’s ex moving on fast and leaving her in the dust. The sad situation inspired some great jams like “good 4 u,” “deja vu” and, of course, “drivers license.” But when it comes to that Twilight song some of her fans were hoping for, here’s what she said on Twitter:

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During a fan Q&A, a fan asked if there was a song that Twilight’s core couple might enjoy. Given the themes in the record, she couldn’t pick one out for the vampire couple, but she did pick “traitor” for Jacob Black. And if you give it a listen, it could definitely pass off as a tune about the werewolf’s perspective. Check it out:

I mean, come on, it starts with “brown guilty eyes.” If that’s not Jacob Black, what is? If you flip some of the pronouns, it’s the perfect theme song for Taylor Lautner’s character once Bella runs back to Edward Cullen at the end of New Moon. As you’ll remember, Bella goes through a terrible breakup in the second installment and leans on Jacob for most of the storyline. She even learns of Jacob’s secret clan who protect her from Laurent and Victoria’s return.

Bella and Jacob weren’t exactly an item when Edward came back into town, but the characters were definitely getting closer when Bella brushes it all off and returns to her vampire boyfriend. Jacob is also a pretty “sour” character in general, so Olivia Rodrigo is spot on. I’m sure someday we’ll be treated to a more tender record with the likeness of Edward and Bella, but with Sour we get pure angst.

The official Twilight account leaned in to give their own pick for Bella’s song on the record. Check out which one:

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Yeah, this checks out too. The downbeat song is all about Olivia trying hard to be enough for her S.O, which would also be perfect for Bella during her New Moon breakup. And as far as Edward Cullen goes, a fan jumped in with a great pick. Of all the angst on Sour, “brutal” is the angstiest, so of course it has to go to Edward Cullen. The vampire would totally head bump to the lyrics “I’m so sick of seventeen,” since you know... he has been that age for like a hundred years.

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