As Kim Kardashian Fans Out Over Olivia Rodrigo, Her Daughter Hilariously Put Her On Blast

Kim Kardashian during interview

Kim Kardashian may have her hands full with her reality TV projects and business ventures, but that doesn’t mean the star doesn’t take some time to relax and take in all that pop culture has to offer. And at present, the music world is experiencing a serious jolt after the release of Sour, the debut album from Olivia Rodrigo of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Much of the music-loving world is loving the album, and Kim Kardashian is also a fan of the singer. Though while she was recently fangirling out over Rodrigo, her daughter couldn’t help but hilariously call her out.

Kim Kardashian recently took to her Instagram stories to show off a Sour gift package she received from Olivia Rodrigo. It included plenty of sweet accessories and even included what appeared to be a personal note from Rodgrio herself. During the video, Kardashian thanked the singer and expressed her love for the singer’s hit single, “Driver’s License.” Kardashian would say to fans, “You know I love ‘Driver’s license,” but young daughter North would respond with a short and hilariously honest take:

You never listen to it.

At times, the 7-year-old North West doesn’t hesitate to throw her mom for a loop. This is, of course, the same child who had no problem crashing her mother’s PSA on the importance of social distancing. Still, little North does seem to give her mother the benefit of the doubt as, in a second video, she eventually co-signs on her mother’s love of “Driver’s License.” But it’s also possible that North was actually telling the truth and that she only conceded as to potentially earn some brownie points with mom.

Kim Kardashian has been called out on a few rare occasions, which can come from general members of the public. However, as you’ve seen with North, her family can also be the source of some serious one-liners. For Kardashian, a number of these have come from her older sister, Kourtney, who Keeping Up with the Kardashians fans likely know for her dry humor and tough love. Many viewers likely remember her now-iconic line, “There’s people that are dying, Kim!” She said the line when Kim lost her diamond earring in the ocean while in Bora Bora.

Despite any jabs from her loved ones, Kim Kardashian seems to enjoy spending time with them, and she’s been doing a lot of that lately. As Kardashian continues to navigate her “new norm” amid her divorce from Kanye West, she’s reportedly been leaning on her family and friends more. She’s reportedly been spending a considerable amount of time with her kids, which is evidenced by her recent Instagram post.

North West may throw shade at her mother, but there seems to be plenty of love between the mother and daughter. Since Kim Kardashian seemed to imply that she’d yet to listen to Olivia Rodgrigo’s entire album, maybe she and North can kick back and enjoy it together?

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