Halle Berry Has A Great Answer When Asked 'Who Is Your Favorite Superhero?'

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Halle Berry’s time has had her time in the superhero world (see Catwoman and the original X-Men trilogy), and few people in Hollywood can say they’ve been part of the DC and Marvel universe. While Berry's costumed performances were met with mixed results, that doesn't still have love for superheroes. Recently, a fan asked, who her favorite superhero is, leading to a great answer from the Oscar winner.

For a whole generation, Halle Berry is and will always be their Storm. But being a superhero (or villain) isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and she may or may not have some mixed feelings on her forays into the genre. That’s why the fan question on her Instagram led to an unexpected but hilarious response. The Oscar winner replied, surprisingly:

Catwoman. The Eartha Kitt version, not my version though.

Years after the financial and critical failure of Catwoman, Halle Berry still loves the antiheroine. But of course, she named Earth Kitt’s iteration of the character as her favorite. Kitt, who appeared as the character during the '60s Batman show alongside Adam West, left a lasting impression on young women, especially young Black women, which is still evident today.

Halle Berry’s 2004 interpretation is one for the books, to say the least. In my opinion, taking on a huge superhero role after playing Storm seemed to be the right course, but things didn't quite pan out for the best. Berry still gets asked about the movie now but, unfortunately, it's not always for the right reasons. So this particular superhero question was surely a nice change of pace for the actress.

Later in the chat, the actress faced a tough decision when it came to her superhero roles. One fan made Halle Berry chose between the DC antiheroine and Marvel’s favorite weather priestess by asking whether she’d prefer to have Catwoman’s senses or Storm’s lightning powers. Berry hilariously responded:

Well, I already have Catwoman senses. Ask my kids. So, I’m gonna say Storm’s lightning power.

I’m sure Halle Berry’s children would agree with the first part of her response. These questions are just the beginning of Berry’s funny and real responses, and you can check out the Oscar winner’s full rapid-fire Q&A down below:

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Of course, Berry’s response in the Instagram video isn’t the first time she’s expressed honest (and respectful) thoughts about 2004's Catwoman. The Oscar winner previously mentioned that she felt something was off about the film’s storyline and even got into a disagreement with the director. However, Berry acknowledged that as the actor, she had "very little say" when it came to the creative aspects of the film. One has to wonder if the film would've panned out any differently had the actress' suggestions been taken into account.

But as her answers and Instagram caption proved Halle Berry still has a soft spot for the antiheroine in her heart. She even recently channeled Catwoman again in another Instagram post wearing a catsuit. And thankfully, the star also doesn't mind showing love and giving advice to other big and small-screen Catwomen. Overall, it looks like she will always be a huge fan of the DC superhero.

If you've yet to see Catwoman and actually want to give it a try, it's currently available to stream on HBO Max.

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