After Catwoman, Halle Berry Is Hyping Up Another Of Her Iconic Roles

Halle Berry getting ready to strike during a pivotal fight scene in Catwoman

Very few actors in Hollywood can say they have several characters the public can reference. For Halle Berry, her most well-known roles span over multiple decades and genres. Fans are always asking her about her superhero roles such as Catwoman and X-Men's Storm. But there’s one role viewers still ask her about all the time. So now the Oscar winner is now hyping up another one of her iconic roles.

Given the many iconic characters Halle Berry has portrayed in her decades-long career, some roles are more precious than others. She took to Twitter for a throwback moment for one of her few comedic roles. Berry decided to let her followers know she was thinking of Nisi from the 1997 cult classic B.A.P.S. Check out the Oscar winner’s tribute to the comedy classic below:

The tribute to the character shouldn’t be too surprising. Halle Berry has named the role of Nisi as one of her favorites from her extensive career. The character still holds a special place in her heart as well as fans. The images harken back to a time where actors and actresses could really dive into a role without any pretense. In the end, Berry took a seemingly stereotypical role and crafted an endearing character that the viewers still love.

But Berry’s tribute came with a hint of sadness. Just last year, her B.A.P.S. co-star Natalie Desselle-Reid died at age 53 after a prolonged illness. Upon the news of Desselle-Reid’s unexpected death, Berry created several posts in tribute to her deceased co-star. With the late actress gone, it’s nice to know that the Oscar winner is still carrying the torch for the classic comedy.

Despite the film being a box-office and critical disappointment, B.A.P.S. gained cult status amongst Millennials and Gen Z. The influence of the 1997 comedy can still permeate pop culture through film, television and music references. This is even more so during the Halloween seasons when fans post themselves on social media as Berry’s Nisi and Desselle-Reid’s Mickey. So, the film’s legacy has continued to endure from generation to generation.

Halle Berry’s B.A.P.S. tribute came on the heels of another callback to another past role. The Oscar winner took to Instagram for a fun Q-and-A session about her life and career. The session found her revealing that she still had a love for Catwoman, just not her version. Berry gave a nod to film and television icon Earth Kitt’s interpretation from the 1960s Batman live-action series.

Whether it’s Catwoman, Nisi or Storm, Halle Berry has taken certain roles and made them hers. And much like Nisi, Berry hasn’t been afraid to stand up for herself or others in recent years. But if you want to see why Nisi and Mickey are pop culture icons, watch B.A.P.S. on Amazon Prime.

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