Harry Potter’s Tom Felton Has A Twilight Crossover Question, And Now I Need It

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From 2008 to 2012, two fantasy book-to-film franchises ran rampant with popularity at the same time: Harry Potter and Twilight. The fandoms collided at a time when social media and online forums were just finding their stride too, making them the perfect young adult properties to spread like wildfire. The Potterheads were all about discussing Hogwarts Houses whilst Twi-hards got into Team Edward vs. Team Jacob debates. What a time it was! But hold on… Tom Felton is channeling the era as you read!

The actor behind Draco Malfoy is proud of his Slytherin roots to this day and often references his glory childhood days down the Hogwarts halls. This time, Tom Felton also got nostalgic about the Harry Potter vs. Twilight era with this post featuring Ashley Greene’s Alice Cullen and she played along too. Here’s the post:

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The 33-year-old actor shared a fan edit on Instagram of Draco and Alice going head-to-head in a duel in Hogwarts, along with using the hashtag #Dralice and #Alico. Is that a coupling the interwebs has been rooting for? Who knows. Anyway, Ashley Greene actually started the whole thing when she shared a video on her Instagram story where she said the following:

Guys I have a very important update. Draco brought me lunch today. It was delicious. We formed an alliance. He taught me wizard things. I told him about his future. It was pretty epic. And now we’re best friends.

In the video, she tagged Tom Felton and placed up a poll for fans to interact with regarding whether Draco or Alice would win in a battle. Here’s how the poll is shaking out:

Ashley Greene on Instagram Harry Potter question Draco vs. Alice

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That’s a close battle right there! At the time of this article, Draco was winning by a smidge, but given that margin of error, perhaps it’d be too close and they’d decide to shake on it and settle for a crossover friendship. The reason why Ashley Greene got talking about Tom Felton is because she is currently working with the actor for a movie called Some Other Woman. The movie will be a psychological thriller about a woman who gets whisked away to a tropical island and the other woman (Greene) who begins to replace her.

It’ll be loads of fun to see Ashley Greene and Tom Felton share the screen together whenever the film comes out. They’ll surely have a lot in common to discuss on set given their experiences working in major YA franchises and working alongside Robert Pattinson. (Remember: the Twilight actor was Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.) Of course, now we're also daydreaming what I'd be like to actually see Draco and Alice interact in some sort of fantasy crossover because it'd most certainly be epic.

In my opinion, it's a no-brainer: Alice would win. For one, she's an immortal vampire with hundreds of years on Draco, and her wit and ability to see into the future would fly circles around his dark magic. You can think about it more as you stream all the Harry Potter films over on Peacock and every Twilight movie on Netflix.

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