Jennifer Lopez Is On A Yacht In An Itsy Bitsy, Teenie Weenie Yellow Bikini, So How Was Your Weekend?

Jlo’s on a boat, look at her, 'cause she’s sailing on a boat. The birthday girl in fact has been yachting since last week as part of some birthday festivities she was treating herself and her new partner Ben Affleck to. She's also been sharing some parts of the journey with her fans, and this weekend, she celebrated with some svelte photos of herself at 52 in a itsy bitsy, teenie weenie yellow bikini, enjoying the sun and basking in the salty air.

Yeah, so how was your weekend? If it came close to enjoying the sea breeze in a tiny bikini, do tell.

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I don’t think I really even have to mention that Jennifer Lopez looks great in her Instagram post, but if I were a person who enjoyed stating the obvious, I'd say she looks great. Besides, the birthday girl has plenty of cause to be celebrating. Her career is going swimmingly: she has the highly anticipated flick Shotgun Wedding in post-production for release next year. Plus, she has three more movies lined up and ready to go: The Mother, Atlas, and The Godmother. She also released a new bikini-clad music video “Cambia El Paso” a little less than a month ago and worked with Lin-Manuel Miranda to re-release a track to remember the Pulse nightclub victims. In November, This is Me...Then -- an album dedicated to Ben Affleck -- will also turn 19.

In addition, the singer, actress, producer and businesswoman has seemingly had a new lease on life of late as she has spent time with her new beau Ben Affleck, rekindling a romance that started years ago. The two had been engaged for a time between 2002 and 2004. Bennifer didn’t make it down the aisle then, but it seems as if things are getting serious again now, and Jennifer Lopex confirmed the romance with Affleck via a post while on this recent yachting trip.

That is, of course, after her pal Leah Remini may have let a photo of the couple at her birthday party slip.

The third thing Lopez has to celebrate is that fact that, at 52, that JLo is in great shape. She’s managed to maintain her bikini body through a combination of workouts and her diet, which includes a lot of organic foods, drinking a lot of water, and definitely does not include consuming caffeine. For the movie Hustlers a few short years ago, she even learned to pole dance (though that fitness skill set came at a cost).

So, if she wants to show off her assets while she’s celebrating her birthday, she’s certainly put the work in. While I still think it’s a little odd she and her ex A-Rod were yachting in the same place at the same time, both for their birthdays, it seems this was a year worth celebrating indeed.

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