Ludacris Has Wrapped On His F9 Follow-Up, Shares Touching Post For Queen Latifah

Having one of the biggest hits of 2021, Ludacris could rest on his laurels and wait on Fast 10 and 11 to start production. Instead, the rapper-actor was filming another movie. His F9 follow-up recently wrapped up production, and of course, he went online to celebrate it. To celebrate the occasion, Ludacris decided to share a touching moment with his co-star Queen Latifah.

The F9 star took to his Instagram to announce production wrapping on his follow-up to the box office hit. Ludacris couldn’t help but gush over acting alongside The Equalizer’s Queen Latifah. The Fast and Furious star said about the chance to work with the screen and music legend:

That’s A WRAP on “End Of The Road” Movie. Another Bucket List Moment as I FINALLY got to work with the incomparable LIVING LEGEND My Sis Queen Latifah.

As evident from Ludacris’ caption, he was more than excited to work with Queen Latifah. Given both actors’ hip-hop backgrounds, it only seemed a matter of time before Ludacris and Queen Latifah would work together. Compared to the Fast and Furious franchise, End of the Road appears to fall into the category of small indie films. As the actor pointed out, it was a huge moment in his acting career to work with the Oscar-nominated actress.

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Ludacris’ sweet words to Queen Latifah aren’t without merit. Queen Latifah’s transition from a hip-hop superstar to a full-fledged Hollywood icon has served as a blueprint for many rappers after her. The actress has managed to keep her career stable as she hopped back and forth between film and television. Said career has reaped the acclaim and accolades many upcoming musicians can pattern themselves after. She along with Ice-T, LL Cool J, Ice Cube and Will Smith proved Hollywood and hip-hop could merge without sacrificing one for the other. But Queen Latifah wasn’t the only one Ludacris chose to shout out.

After thanking the Oscar nominee, Ludacris dedicated the rest of his post to highlight the cast and crew of the Netflix thriller for making the shot amazing. To see the special moment captured between the actor and Queen Latifah, check out his touching post below:

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Starring in End of the Road seems like a terrific way for Ludacris to continue pushing his acting career past the Fast and Furious franchise. Doing that along with Queen Latifah is just the cherry on top for hip-hop culture. This could be a huge moment, seeing them share the screen for the first time. Hopefully, the Netflix thriller will be worth the wait when it is released on the streamer.

Until the film is released, you can still catch the actors in their current projects. You can watch Ludacris in F9 on VOD and in theaters while Queen Latifah headlines The Equalizer Sundays on CBS with Season 2 premiering in October.

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