Reese Witherspoon Shares Cute Post With Look-Alike Kids, And Wow Those Genes Are Strong

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While Reese Witherspoon doesn't share every single detail of her life, she tends to be pretty open about how she spends her downtime. This is evidenced by her sweet and sometimes hilarious social media posts. On occasion, she also likes to drop in photos of her kids, including her two oldest children. Well, the actress recently shared another photo of them through a cute post, which effectively proves how strong her family's genes are.

The Morning Show star took to Instagram to share the lovely moment featuring her and her kids. Reese Witherspoon couldn’t help but gush over her oldest children, Ava and Deacon, during a bit of downtime. She even captioned with a sweet message about how lucky she is to be their mother. To see Witherspoon's the sweet family (and their uncanny resemblance), check out her Instagram post below:

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If you look at the photo, it seems as if Reese Witherspoon just copy-and-pasted herself twice over. There’s no doubt she birthed and raised those two. While most know her daughter is the perfect likeness to her, her son looks very much like his mother, particularly around the eyes. Oftentimes, Witherspoon’s son seems to share more of a resemblance to his father, actor Ryan Phillippe. But the actress' youngest son, Tennessee, (with her current husband) also looks a lot like her. I think it's safe to say Witherspoon and her ex-husband have some extraordinarily strong genes when it comes to their offspring.

Our thoughts on the similarities aside, it's sweet to see Reese Witherspoon and her children sharing a casual and intimate moment. Witherspoon appeared to be makeup-free, as was her daughter, and her son seemed even more relaxed with his baseball cap and thermal shirt. And of course, what made the moment was the genuine smiles everyone shared in the family snapshot.

The actress' followers also couldn't help but note how quickly the two youngsters have grown up. Reese Witherspoon and her ex Ryan Phillippe were one of Hollywood’s hottest young couples when daughter Ava was born in 1999, and son Deacon followed four years later in 2003. So fans of Witherspoon have watched her children grow up right before their eyes, from small tykes to well-adjusted young adults.

It's great that Reese Witherspoon has been making time for her kids because she's been has been pretty busy as of late. Witherspoon recently made headlines for selling her production company Hello Sunshine for $900 million. Shortly after the big announcement, it was reported that the Oscar winner would team up with Ashton Kutcher for the Netflix romantic comedy Your Place Or Mine. And at the moment, the actress is also gearing up for the release of The Morning Show's second season. With all of that in mind, it honestly makes the recent family photo that much more special.

Fans are no doubt excited to see Reese Witherspoon in the multiple projects she has lined up for the future. But they probably love seeing her playing the role of mom to her kids more than anything else. Her social media followers will surely be waiting for more sweet snapshots like this recent one. But while they're waiting, they can catch Witherspoon in The Morning Show Season 2 when it premieres on Apple TV+ on September 17.

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