Megan Fox Proves Underboob Is The New Side Boob In Trendy Post

Megan Fox is and always has been quite the fashionista. That’s been even more so true in recent months as she’s headed to events and gone out for days and nights on the town with new beau Machine Gun Kelly on her arm. In her most recent post, however, she totally opted to go solo and proved in the process that underboob is the new side boob. It's certainly a look that not many of us could pull off.

Just showing a little cleavage used to be edgy enough, but in recent years celebrities (and those who emulate them on the fashion front) have tried all sorts of new looks. Crop tops and side cutouts are totally normal, everyday apparel now. Due to the cut of these newly popular tank tops side boob’s basically a given. Now underboob apparently is the new side boob, if the new post from Fox is any indication.

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Look y’all, it takes a lot to turn heads these days. The only times recently that I’ve even batted an eyelash at someone’s choices have been this green bodysuit thing (that also is abs-centric) and Kim Kardashian wearing a dress with ovary cutouts whilst in Vatican City. OK and then there was the time Kim wore a bondage outfit to one of Kanye West’s recent listening parties ahead of his Donda release. Actually, I guess Kardashian really is still turning heads quite a lot.

Meanwhile, Megan Fox is one of the few people I’ve seen who legitimately can pull off that bright neon green color. She pairs that with the stylish baggy jeans that only the ultrahip among us can pull off and do it well. The only ground on the fashion front she really has left to cover is going pants-free as many a celebrity has done through the course of the pandemic. Although it’s worth noting this certainly isn’t the first time Fox has dared to be brazen with her fashion choices.

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Meanwhile, Megan Fox has had a busy year outside of fashion. She and Machine Gun Kelly actually had a movie come out together earlier this year, though her partner had a choice take on how he felt about that movie. (It’s currently running at 9% on Rotten Tomatoes. He literally used the trash emoji to describe it.) At least they'll always have one good story out of the making of that film, meeting each other, of course. She also has projects like Big Gold Brick and Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin coming up.

Probably most excitingly though, she’s has a role in Sylvester Stallone’s Expendables 4 coming up. That movie is currently fleshing out its cast and is expecting to film this fall. Meanwhile, if you’re more interested in Fox’s fashionista moments, you really need look no further than her Instagram.

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