Jennifer Lawrence Is Reportedly Pregnant With First Child, So Let The Mother! Jokes Begin

Jennifer Lawrence in mother!

Jennifer Lawrence has played many roles, but there is a new report that the Academy Award-winning actress is getting ready to play a very big new role in her future. It's being reported the actress is pregnant with her first child. While this is likely very exciting for her and husband Cooke Maroney, there are probably many, like me, that can't hear the words Jennifer Lawrence and mother together without thinking about her starring role in the surreal 2017 horror movie mother! One certainly hopes that the actual experience of motherhood will be slightly less terrifying for Lawrence.

A rep for Jennifer Lawrence has apparently confirmed to TMZ that Jennifer Lawrence is pregnant. There had been rumors of the pregnancy going around prior to this confirmation, but now the couple are letting it be known. It's unclear when Lawrence is due, but one assumes the pregnancy is at least a couple months along. If the gender of the baby is known to the couple, they're not spilling the beans quite yet.

In 2017 Jennifer Lawrence stared in Darren Aronofsky's mother! and since 2017 it's a movie I haven't been able to stop thinking about so when I hear Jennifer Lawrence is going to be a mother it's the first thing in my head. Lawrence's character is only ever referred to as Mother, and the film relies heavily on allegory. It's an absolute trip of a movie that I'm still not sure is actually good, but I'm also not certain the movie isn't utterly brilliant.

While Jennifer Lawrence's character is called Mother, she doesn't actually become one until later in the movie, and when she does that's when things get really strange and terrifying. It's an emotional roller coaster of a a movie, and it has to be said there's a parallel to celebrity culture that can be drawn as people become obsessed with the baby in the film. Mother's Husband, Him, played by Javier Bardem, is a poet in the film and he eventually becomes the leader of a cult of worshippers.

Jennifer Lawrence in mother!

While things will hopefully not reach that extreme here, Jennifer Lawrence is a big star and there are almost certainly going to be people interested in her baby simply because they're the child of Jennifer Lawrence. People are usually willing to give new moms space, even when they're celebrities, so one hopes things won't get out of hand here. Some celebrity parents are willing to let their kids become minor celebrities in their own right, while others do what they can to shield them from public view. We'll have to wait and see which approach is used here.

Either way, congratulations are certainly in order for Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney. Also, on a personal note, catch up on your sleep now, you won't be getting any in a few months.

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