How Zoë Kravitz Reportedly Responded To Critics Of Her 'Naked' Met Gala Dress

Bonnie Carlson (Zoë Kravitz) on the second season of 'Big Little Lies'

This year’s Met Gala gave us plenty to talk about. While fans sat at home and played armchair fashion experts, some of the most well (and wildly) dressed celebrities on earth walked the red carpet on the way to the fundraising dinner. While Zoë Kravitz didn’t show up in her best The Batman aesthetic a’la Kim Kardashian, the actress and soon-to-be Selina Kyle did still manage to turn some heads. And, it seems, she had no problem answering back to critics who claimed she showed up to the event “practically naked.”

The theme for the 2021 Met Gala was “American Independence” and, in a daring sheer gown from Saint Laurent, Zoë Kravitz definitely showed that she understood the assignment. While her dress was decorated with strategically placed cutouts, it was still a daring choice.

While many fans agree that Kravitz pulled the dress off with gusto, the actress still faced some backlash from people on Instagram who took issue with how revealing it was. After sharing a now-deleted post with pictures of herself at the Met Gala, she received a few negative comments. One person commented, asking why celebrities felt the need to be “practically naked” (via PageSix). Kravitz wasn’t having it, and she replied to their comment directly:

being uncomfortable with the human body is colonization / brainwashing. it’s just a body. we all got em.

At this time, Kravitz’ Instagram account has been cleared out. Whether that was done in response to the negativity she encountered, or performed as a bit of late summer cleaning, is unclear.

The Big Little Lies star wasn’t the only actor to make headlines because of their Met Gala appearance. Megan Fox turned more than a few heads, and Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck continued their public courtship by masking up and displaying some PDA.

And in a strange twist, Zoë Kravitz’ gown wasn’t even the only thing that had people talking. By showing up to the same event as her rumored boyfriend Channing Tatum, she helped stir more speculation about what’s allegedly going on between them.

Regardless of what she was wearing and who she is dating, Zoë Kravitz has plenty to distract her from internet chatter. Though we may be waiting a while for a potential third season of Big Little Lies, she is undoubtedly hard at work on her directorial debut.

Then, of course, there's The Batman, in which she plays Catwoman, is only a few months away from release. In addition to seeing how she pulls off the iconic DC Comics villain, we cannot wait to see her costumes -- which she’s hinted are completely fabulous. If that’s the case, her fashion could yet again become a hot topic after the film hits theaters on March 4, 2022.

Katherine Webb