Marvel Fan Creates Tom Holland’s Iron Spider Suit, And It Looks Like Real NanoTech

Tom Holland's Spider-Man Iron Suit

For many fans, one of the most disappointing things about Marvel films is that they’re works of fiction. Nevertheless, various super fans indulge in cosplay to make the MCU a little more real, and some can even create some pretty impressive (or horrifying) costumes. Just in time to prepare for Spider-Man: No Way Home, one inventive fan went above and beyond by creating Tom Holland’s Iron Spider Suit that appears to have real-life nanotech with changing colors and expanding parts.

Jake Laser’s Instagram is full of pretty sweet Marvel inventions that he has recreated in real life, and his latest is the Iron Spider suit Tom Holland wears starting in Avengers: Infinity War (following a quick tease in Spider-Man: Homecoming). You can check out Laser’s explanation of the suit's creation, a video comparison of the film and real life version of the suit, and a demonstration of him wearing his newly-created suit in his post below:

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While he may not yet be at the billionaire playboy status of genius Tony Stark, Jake Laser’s level of inventiveness is comparable to that of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. We see Holland’s Spider-Man invent his own web-shooters that seem to be pretty in line with Laser’s skill level here. It would seem that Laser’s design skills may be a bit better though, considering Holland’s character was running around in a hoodie for a while.

In his video, Jake Laser explains that he painted on a type of crystal to the suit that used qualities similar to a chameleon that allows the suit to change colors and expand. The crystal paint reacts to heat, and Laser made a heat vest and bands for his arms that go under the suit. The under-layer of heat turns on in sections with a push of a button, activating different parts of the suit that are painted with the tiny crystals.

If that already wasn’t super impressive, Jake Laser also added inflatable spider arms to imitate the mechanical ones we see on Tom Holland’s suit. While they don't look nearly as sleek and robotic, they're still pretty awesome and also activate with just a push of a button.

This Spidey suit is pretty on par with what Jake Laser's followers have come to know from him, but that’s not stopping them from still being pretty impressed by the inventive suit. Laser also tackled Captain America’s shield in a very real way, as well as Falcon’s expandable wings with his Redwing drone that look pretty much like the on-screen version if you squint your eyes a little.

Spider-Man’s suit is always a source of excitement, and we’ve now got a preview of how it’ll look in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Unlike other MCU films, you won’t be able to catch the film on Disney+ just yet, but it’s possible the Spidey films will drop to the platform in the future considering the new Marvel/Sony deal. No Way Home is set to release to theaters on December 17 - and maybe Jake Laser will get more inspiration for his film-replicating inventions.

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