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Welcome to the 25th edition of The Cord Cutter Podcast! Now that everyone's finished their leftover turkey and cranberry sauce, December is right around the corner, and that means the time is right for holiday movies! Join us this week as Mick and Adrienne welcome CinemaBlend editor Corey Chichizola back to the show to talk about holiday streaming! If you enjoy the Christmas season at all it's unlikely that you end any year without indulging in at least a few holiday classics. From It's a Wonderful Life to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and How the Grinch Stole Christmas to A Christmas Story, there are many, many beloved films and holiday specials to choose from if you're looking to get into the spirit of the season (or, keep that good, warm feeling going strong).

This week, Mick, Adrienne and Corey will discuss made-for-TV holiday movies available to stream, their favorite Christmas specials and films to enjoy during the season, what they think you should watch for a great time this December and much more. If you're in the mood for some non-streaming holiday options, be sure to check out our holiday movie schedule to see when you can catch old favorites and new Christmas films this year. Ready to dive in? Great! Read on to get the lowdown on this week's podcast and then listen for yourself above!

3:36 - News! (Quentin Tarantino doesn't have Netflix, Disney losing money on Hulu)

9:48 - The phenomena of made-for-TV Christmas movies

20:10 - Panel's favorite holiday movie(s)

25:55 - Why Adrienne finds A Christmas Story boring

36:50 - Best claymation/animated Christmas special

42:08 - Which is better: Home Alone 1 or 2?

43:56 - WWE "Monday Night Raw" Christmas episode

45:51 - The Toys That Made Us docuseries

51:36 - Christmas TV episodes streaming

55:43 - Game Time! A Christmas Pitch

Now, get in on the fun and have a listen to The Cord Cutter Podcast #25! Join us next time when we get into all the new content coming to Netflix in December! And, be sure to subscribe to The Cord Cutter podcast on iTunes, right here and follow us on Twitter through @CordCutterPod!