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Who would you say is the most vigilantly protected person in the world? The pope? The Queen of England? The President of the United States? Well, you can Add Kim Kardashian to that list. The reality star is reportedly giving her security team a presidential upgrade following her robbery in Paris.

Kim Kardashian is adding former members of the Secret Service to her security detail and they will be heavily armed, reports TMZ. And apparently, Kardashian didn't just stop looking for ways to buff up her security with the Secret Service; she also met with former CIA agents and former operatives in the Israeli Army to ensure her safety, and husband Kanye West has met with the owners of two top security firms.

Additionally, Kim Kardashian is reportedly having her car armored, and she will only travel with at least two bodyguards at all times. And Kim isn't the only Kardashian ramping up security. Kris Jenner was reportedly very involved in Kim's security meetings following the robbery, and is in the process of bulking up the security teams of her other daughters as well.

Kim Kardashian is reportedly still very shaken after being robbed at gunpoint in a Paris hotel room last week. After attending events for Paris Fashion Week, Kardashian retired to her hotel room early last Sunday night. As has been previously reported, a team of five armed robbers forced the hotel's concierge to open her door, and then two of the robbers handcuffed Kardashian, taped her mouth shut, and placed her in the room's bathtub as they made off with her jewel box.

The amount stolen from Kim Kardashian has been estimated at $5.6 million, with the bulk of the value being from a large diamond ring that Kardashian had posed for a photo with on her Instagram hours earlier. Kardashian has decided to scale back her use of social media in the wake of the robbery. Production for her reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians has also been halted.

Reportedly, the Kardashian family and the police both suspect that the robbery was an inside job, and they are investigating other guests in the hotel and anyone else who knew about Kardashian's comings and goings during Paris Fashion Week. The one person that the family does trust is Kim's bodyguard Pascal Duvier, who was not with Kim at the time of the robbery because he was shadowing sisters Kourtney and Kendall at a nightclub instead. Duvier is still working for Kardashian and the family reportedly has no reason to suspect that he was in any way involved in the crime.

After learning about his wife's robbery last Sunday night during one of his concerts in New York, Kanye West abruptly let the stage in the middle of his performance to meet Kim Kardashian at a New Jersey airport. Kardashian was unharmed in the robbery, and she and West drove from the airport to their New York apartment last Monday accompanied by a number of bodyguards.

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