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Fifth Harmony Took A Shot At Camila Cabello During The MTV VMAs

Fifth Harmony That's My Girl behind the scenes

Fifth Harmony had a big night at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards over the weekend. The foursome girl group won Best Pop Video, gave a memorable performance, and worked in a few shots at former band member Camila Cabello. In fact, the girls in the pop group not only threw shade at Cabello; they launched a fake version of her off the stage.

It all started when the four members of Fifth Harmony--Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane Hansen, Lauren Jauregui, and Normani Kordei---and a fifth person kicked off the performance from the top of a large box. They first sang a snippet from the track "Angel" off their new album. All five of the women wore puffy jackets that suddenly flew off and hurled backward, and with the coats went the fifth person, who had been standing in the middle. Later, MTV tweeted a hilarious clip of the stunt, which nodded at Camila Cabello's exit.

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Once the extra person had dropped off the stage, the four Fifth Harmony members still standing continued singing their hit single "Down" along with rapper Gucci Mane. The fifth person hurtling backward off the stage (most likely) was a reference to Camila Cabello getting ripped out of the group last year. During the performance, the camera scanned the audience and showed celebrities like DJ Khalid, Hailee Steinfeld, and Vanessa Hudgens having a blast.

The stunt was not the only time Fifth Harmony got in a dig at Camila Cabello. At one point, the women got asked whether they would give Cabello one of the VMA Moonmen if they received five, not four. The group fell into silence for a split second, and then Normani Kordei chimed in that they would, in fact, give the fifth Moonman to their choreographer if they won for Best Choreography. Have a look.

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Last year, Fifth Harmony shocked fans by announcing Camila Cabello had decided to quit the group and focus on her solo career. In fact, the announcement supposedly came as a surprise to Cabello, since she believed the other girls in the group were fully aware of her intentions and didn't need to be so blunt in the statement. Nevertheless, Camila Cabello did leave the group for a solo career. Fifth Harmony did carry on without her. And the group did not change its name.

During the event, Fifth Harmony took shots at Camila Cabello. Taylor Swift released her new music video, which takes shots at stars feuding with her, the media, and herself. Katy Perry, Paris Jackson, and other celebs took shots at politicians and the state of the world. So, it was a pretty shady VMAs this year. But maybe they wanted to give us a reason to use our eclipse glasses one more time.