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Paris Hilton in her Come Alive video

Being massively famous has its ups and downs. While the attention and money can be attractive, there are downsides when it comes to privacy and personal safety. Keeping any shred of privacy is particularly difficult to accrue for celebs who are tying the not, as celebrity weddings have always fascinated fans and dominated the pop culture lexicon. Everything from the invite list, to the setting, to (of course) the wedding dress can make headlines, giving us normal folks a glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous. Socialite Paris Hilton will no doubt have an over the top and massively expensive wedding to fiancee Chris Zylka, but will former bestie Kim Kardashian be in attendance? Hilton was recently asked if she'd be inviting the Keeping Up star, and she answered with a simple,

Of course.

Well, that was easy. It looks like any beef between Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton will be put aside due to Hilton's coming nuptials. And given her reputation as a glamorous party girl, it makes sense that she'll likely want her wedding as star studded as possible.

Paris Hilton's comments (via TMZ) will no doubt be exciting for all the OG Kardashian fans out there. Kim K first burst onto the scene through her friendship with Hilton, who would bring her along during clubbing and other appearances. At the time, Paris was one of the biggest TV personalities out there, due to her show The Simple Life alongside Nichole Richie. Hilton had largely gotten this show after a sex tape leaked of her, which helped catapult the heiress into larger notoriety. After all, there is really no such thing as bad publicity.

A few years later, Kim Kardashian would seemingly follow the exact same playbook and reach mega fame. After her sex tape with Ray J was released all over the internet, Kardashian quickly became extremely famous. And while the entire Kardashian clan seems to be ashamed about that tape, it ultimately got she and the rest of them roles in E!'s Keeping Up With The Kardashians. And once Kim became her own celeb, the years long beef between she and Paris Hilton began.

But many years have passed since the early 2000's, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians is currently in the midst of its whopping 14th season on the network. Paris has been keeping busy throughout the years with music and film work, in addition to just being a general socialite. It's nice to hear that the two childhood friends have buried the hatchet, and that Kim and Kanye will likely be attending Paris Hilton's upcoming wedding. Kim is currently busy raising two children, with another one on the way via a surrogate. And following her terrifying robbery, she's taking extreme measures to keep she and her family safe in their new home.

CinemaBlend would like to congratulate Paris Hilton on her engagement (and giant ring), and will update you as more details about the impending wedding come to light.