Nikki Bella Responds To Rumors That Split With John Cena Was Fake

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A little over a month ago, John Cena and Nikki Bella surprised fans everywhere when they announced their break-up. After six years as a couple, the most famous couple in wrestling history unexpectedly called off their engagement. While Cena and Bella are usually open with their fans, even when it comes to their private lives, the details surrounding their surprising separation were left murky. As a result, there was room for a ton of speculation for what might've caused the destruction of their public relationship, particularly so close to their wedding date.

After some time apart, John Cena discussed his own heartbreak on Today at the top of the week, and now, Nikki Bella is here to offer her perspective. While Nikki wasn't as willing to open up as her ex was on the daytime talk show, she did get confessional about the current state of her relationship with Cena, and Bella wanted fans and Internet commenters know the truth: their break is the real deal.

Sometimes people don't realize how you can affect them. It's kind of like when we try to talk to cyberbullies and tell them that you have no idea how you're affecting people. I'm a human being that literally went through a breakup. Everyone's been through a breakup and think of how we feel. So mine has just been blown up and people all of a sudden are saying that I'm faking it. You're now saying that my heartache is fake, and that makes it even harder. It's just like, what can I do right? That's just really, really tough.

Nikki Bella's comment come from her recent interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, where she was beside her twin sister, Brie Bella, to promote the newest season of her reality TV series, Total Bellas. The conversation focused a great deal of time on the recent break-up. Later in the discussion, Nikki Bella admitted that she's still in conversation with John Cena, as Cena himself suggested earlier this week. And while it's a tough time for her right now, Nikki finds herself more excited for Total Bellas to premiere this Sunday because fans are "finally going to see the journey of where it unfolds." She hopes the speculation will fade away shortly after the newest season makes its debut on television.

It still remains unclear what drove Nikki Bella and John Cena apart, especially after quite a few years together. Rumors suggest it was during the wedding planning that things started to fall apart, but it's hard to know what exactly that means. There were previous reports of John Cena not wanting to have children, which Cena himself ultimately shut down during his appearance on Today when he said that he was willing to do whatever it took to keep them together. With most relationships, it is likely a variety of different complicating factors that lead to their emotional downfall. If it's all real and not an act, which seems to be the case, then it's certainly a heartbreaking turn of events, and it's easy to feel for them right now-- especially with the public spotlight providing so much coverage into their dismantled relationship.

Check out the talk show clip below.

When Total Bellas premieres this Sunday, we'll apparently have a better idea what happened between Nikki Bella and John Cena.

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