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Bella Hadid Says Scorpion Isn't About Her, Didn't Hook Up With Drake

Bella Hadid wants to make something clear: Scorpion, Drake's newly-released studio album, is not about her -- despite what the rumor mill might be saying. While the popular Canadian rapper mentions hooking up with a certain unknown lady on his newest album, Hadid wants people to know that she and Drake are just friends. Also, they've never slept with each other. So, fans can put those rumors to bed. Or, err, maybe not. Here's what Bella Hadid said.

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So, there you have it. Case closed on the Bella Hadid front. Meanwhile, the mystery woman still looms large. The woman-in-question relates specifically to Drake's single "Finesse," included on the B-side of his 25-track studio album. A couple of lyrics on the tune allude to an unknown woman, mentioning both fashion week and the fact that she has a sister (Bella Hadid has a sister in fellow model Gigi Hadid). Take a look at the lyrics, below.

Should I do New York? I can't decide. Fashion week is more your thing than mine... You and your sister. Too hot to handle.

Everyone and their sister had a guess for who the woman could be. According to TMZ, Bella Hadid was subject number 1. But since she's denying it's her, fans will need to continue speculating on the person in question, trying to figure out who it might be that Drake is referring to. Thus, the mystery continues. There's no doubt that fans will tire themselves senselessly trying to figure out who the woman actually is. Whether they are right or wrong, fans might never know for sure. Yet, it's definitely not Bella Hadid, according to the famous model herself, so go ahead and cross that name off your list.

Meanwhile, Scorpion is also earning attention for who is featured on Drake's newest album. Specifically, Michael Jackson. An unreleased, unfinished track from the late King of Pop is intertwined with Drake's accompaniment for "Don't Matter to Me," a song which can also be found later on the B-Side of Scorpion. MJ is one of a handful of guest stars featured on Drake's newest collection of songs. Also included on the quickly best-selling album: Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, TY Dolla $ign and more.

Scorpion is also receiving attention because Drake seemingly confirms the rumors that he has a secret love child, which was revealed to the public-at-large during Pusha-T's obliterating diss track. He mentions kissing his newborn son on his head, along with a few other scattered references to the kid.

While Drake is (seemingly) more willing to get honest about his reported secret child, he's still not ready to confess the identity of his secret lover. Perhaps that information will arrive some other day? Perhaps it will never come. If it does, though, be sure to check back here at CinemaBlend.

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