No, Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes Did Not Split Up, Despite Rumors

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Recently, there have been rumors suggesting that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are separated. The acting couple has shared a secretive relationship together for at least a couple years now, with early reports suggesting that they got together around 2013. If those rumors can be believed, they're officially in splitsville. But that's not true, according to Foxx and Holmes themselves. Responding to these recent break-up allegations, they claim they're still itogether, but they're not spending that much time in each other's company for a reason. Here's what we know.

According to a source close to the couple, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have been spending a good amount of time away from one another, but they haven't called it quits. As it was reported by Entertainment Tonight, Foxx and Holmes aren't the type of couple who flaunt their relationship to the press. They are known to live "independent lives" from one another, and they'll go for "long stretches" away from seeing each other. Most importantly, they are also "very, very private." When Foxx and Holmes do get together, they don't make a big deal about it; they aren't trying to win over too many tabloids. A few months ago, when a question about Katie Holmes was brought up by ESPN, Jamie Foxx earned headlines for avoiding the topic altogether.

And when it comes to claims that they've officially broken up, a representative for Kate Holmes claims that's simply "false" information. To prove that point, the representative says Holmes recently visited Jamie Foxx over the weekend for a pre-4th of July celebration in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where Foxx was spending time with friends. Katie Holmes, meanwhile, will be enjoying the time away from her daughter, Suri, since she's at summer camp at the moment. Suri is Kate Holmes' child from her previous marriage to Tom Cruise. So, it seems that they're still going strong as a couple, despite what the presses might've said.

Jamie Foxx was last seen in last year's Baby Driver. He'll next be seen in Robin Hood, which comes out on November 21. Meanwhile, Foxx is adding a few more titles to his name next year, as he makes his screenwriting and directorial debut in All-Star Weekend, a new comedy he also stars in. That movie comes out on February 19th. Jamie Foxx recently signed on to appear in the title role for Spawn, a new adaptation of the Todd McFarlane, which will also be written and directed by McFarlane in his directorial debut. It comes from producer Jason Blum. Details are scarce at the moment, but it's expected to come out next year. Katie Holmes, meanwhile, was last seen in Logan Lucky and Dear Dictator last year. She'll next appear in the drama The Gift, which is slated to arrive later this year. She is also soon expected to hit the small screen again for the first time since Dawson's Creek.

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are busy people with busy lives, but they're still keeping it together, according to the celebrity couple themselves.

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